Saturday Shopping – Christmas Jumpers I Don’t Hate

Christmas jumpers have become a festive staple over the last couple of years. It all started with Primark releasing a range of ‘ironic’ knits that harked back to our childhood memories of Christmas Day with our families in the 80’s. The range sold out pretty much by November, and anyone who was anyone was sporting the most outlandish one they could find for drinks down the pub, or hosting ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ at work. What started out as a bit of a joke has become a standard part of most high street store’s Winter clothing line now – you’d be hard pushed to find a Brand that doesn’t have at least one or two festive themed items in their knitwear range right now.

Now, I love Christmas, but most of these novelty knits are a bit too much for me. They’re gaudy and silly and a bit OTT. That isn’t to say I don’t have one – I drag out one of those original Primark gems every year without fail (a bright red affair sporting a Christmas pud, if you’re interested, complete with 3D berries, of course…..) but I wear this strictly on specific occasions. While I have no problem joining in on the joke and looking like a bit of a wally sometimes, it isn’t a garment I want to wear on a regular basis. Luckily, whenever anything gets ‘mainstream’, you can rely on the big retailers to say, ‘Hey, lets do that, but lets make it pretty!’ so nowadays you can join in all the festive fun but still look stylish, you miserable, vain, party pooper you! (I’m allowed to say it, ’cause I’m one too!)

Here are some of the prettiest, twinkliest Christmas jumpers out there right now – and not a cheesy theme in sight*…..:

Top Row: Robin Jumper, George @ Asda, £15 – Bird Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £26 – Snowflake Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £28

Second Row: Stars Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £28 – Deers Jumper, Fat Face, £45 – Sequin Bow Jumper, Marks and Spencers, £29.50

Third Row: Bunnies Jumper, Marks and Spencers, £29.50 – Stag Jumper, Marks and Spencers, £29.50 – Sequin Dog Jumper, Mataln, £16

Fourth Row: Candy Cane Jumper, Oasis, £40 – Dachshund Jumper, Oasis, £40 – Snowflake Jumper, Oasis, £42

Bottom Row: Gingerbread Men Jumper, Topshop, £36 – Holly Jumper, Warehouse, £45 – Mistletoe Jumper, Warehouse, £45

Happy Christmas Shopping!



*That was a downright lie. Some of those are really cheesy, because I can’t resist a jumper with an animal on it. I mean, a Christmas jumper, featuring a dog, wearing a Christmas jumper?? Come on….

2 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Christmas Jumpers I Don’t Hate

  1. I HATE christmas jumpers but I can get on board with sparkle instead so have a grey one from New Look from a couple of years ago that has snowflake embellishments on it. I do like the birds from Asda and the Topshop gingerbead men. I do love anything wity gingerbead men on. Not for £36 though, I’d rather spend that on something I can wear all year!


    1. Ha, that is exactly what me and my Mum said while I was putting this together – ‘Ooh, that one’s nice….. but not for that price…!’ I ended up with the Matalan dog one in the end – it’s not technically a Beagle I don’t think, but it has more than a passing resemblance to my dog so I couldn’t resist! x


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