Saturday Shopping – Gorgeous Gowns on Sale @ Chi Chi London

Well, it’s here, the end of 2016. It’s not been the best, has it? Like, literally, for the whole country! For a change I don’t feel like the only person in the world who is sat here lamenting what a crappy, crappy year it has been! Enough of that, though. No doom and gloom from me today. There is just one day left and I’m determined that it will be a good one. So I’ve done what I do best this morning – stayed in bed until lunchtime with the dog snoozing at my feet, drinking coffee and SHOPPING!

And thanks to the curse wonders of targeted advertising it wasn’t long before I found myself over at Chi Chi London. Normally, I try to avoid browsing here, because as stunning as their collections are, there are only so many occasions you can wear a big, flouncy, full skirted frock, and it isn’t like I don’t already own a few. So I tend to save this site for fantasy shopping or special occasions only. But what the hell, it is the festive season! So I nonchalantly clicked through anyway and was pretty excited to find they have just extended their sale! Rather a large amount of their beautiful, vintage style party frocks are now less than £50, which means it might be just that little bit easier to justify a frock that you wore to a friend of a friend’s wedding that one time and never again…

I haven’t got big party plans this evening, I’ll be celebrating in a far more calm and toned down nature than the rest of my Christmas activities. But if I was headed out on the town, you can bet your bottom dollar I’d want to be wearing one of these babies….:

It’s just as well I’m not in the market for a new party frock as I think I’d struggle o pick just one, though I think my favourite is between Samira and Briella. And maybe Felicity. Or Fleur. And Leighton is just so pretty…. I’m trying my best to behave here so I’m going to have to get myself out of bed and start prepping for tonight before I have to get my parents to build an extension to house all my new dresses…. If you fancy snapping one up though you better head over there quickly as styles are selling out pretty fast! Hurry!

In the meantime, whatever you’re doing tonight, and whatever you’re wearing, I hope you all have a fantastic evening. Here’s hoping 2017 is a better one for all of you!

See you next year!


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