Pssst…! Sale Tips -Up to 70% off @ Joanie Clothing

I’m new to Joanie Clothing. I’ll admit it wasn’t a Brand I’d even heard of until I saw some of my favourite bloggers over at Forever Amber and Retro Chick rocking these adorable outfits featuring Joanie’s rather darling Christmas jumpers. Once I’d been alerted to it’s existence, I was rather annoyed at myself that I’d not found it sooner. It’s basically everything I look for from a clothing label – girly and pretty with a vintage feel, but most importantly, very affordable.

Especially when there is a big ol’ sale on! I haven’t been overwhelmed with the offers around this January, so I wasn’t expecting much when I clicked through, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that Joanie is actually offering some very attractive discounts, and unlike most other stores this year, not only on the items that have a dwindling number of obscure sizes left!

Unfortunately for my saving efforts, some of my favourite pieces are at such low prices that I’m struggling to find reasons not to buy them, so if you are similarly trying your best to reign in your spending following Christmas you may want to look away now! If you’re made of sterner stuff though, here’s what is testing my willpower the most….

First up, and what I can only describe as the most ‘Steph’ dress I could possibly dream up:

Betty Stripe Dress, £22

My favourite shape, big bold stripes – basically my kryptonite. I do already have a full striped skirt, and striped pencil skirt and a striped shift, so I genuinely don’t have a desperate need for this frock. I had an inner struggle already when I bought this dress for my sister at Christmas, but it was a whole lot easier to talk myself out of it when we were talking £30. But £12? 12?? I just don’t see it being possible that I avoid buying this dress for long…

Moving on then, to this:

Marnie Pencil Dress, £24.50

So, basically the complete opposite, and yet equally ‘Steph’, a slinky polka dot number with a bardot neckline. Already have a polka dot pencil skirt. Still want it just as much!

As do I this:

Clara Check Dress, £21

I’ve gotten a little obsessed with tartan prints this Winter, particularly blackwatch which goes so nicely with all that forest green stuff I keep buying. I did just buy this one so that should do. Except it doesn’t have long sleeves. Or a peter pan collar. Dammit.

Next, and this:

Sally Tea Dress, £17.50

Yep, more polka dots and more Stephness, this time in the form of a cutesy tea dress. I do not need any more tea dresses. I do not need any more tea dresses. I do not… crap it doesn’t matter how many times I say it!

Now, take a look at this beauty!

Hendricks Pencil Dress, £21

I don’t even need to say anything, do I?

And this:

Shelby Pencil Dress, £10.50

Yep. Another pencil dress. But it has a bow on the back so it’s totes different, ok?

Finally, this showstopper:

Celeste Dress.jpg
Celeste Prom Dress, £16.50

Wow. It’s a gorgeous frock alright, all that huge skirt and jewel toned teal and scattering of sparkle on the neckline. You could be forgiven for thinking maybe it had come from a much pricier Brand like Chi Chi. Best of all though, it’s a ridiculous price at just £16.50! A completely frivolous party frock you don’t have to feel guilty about? Sign me up!!

This store might actually bankrupt me. I’m off to go and sit on my hands until my size has sold out in everything. If you are in the market for an of these, or any of the other treats they have on offer, they’re currently offering an extra 10% off!

Hurry hurry hurry!




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