Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin So Kate Glitter Tisse

So Kate Glitter Tisse, Christian Louboutin, £475


Now that’s a shoe!

I made a massive mistake dropping by Christian Louboutin for my last Fantasy Friday post! Now I can’t help but have a quick visit most days on my lunchbreak, and everytime I do I spot something new that breaks my heart. Today it was these stunning So Kate Glitter Tisse pumps, which are just about the prettiest things I’ve seen in a long time. Or ever. It might be ever!

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured the So Kate style, of course, she’s regular Fantasy Friday fodder thanks to that perfect, curvy shape and super slim stiletto heel, but this version might just top the lot. It’s not just the colour, which is the most gorgeous shade of powder pink. As if that weren’t enough, they’re GLITTERY! As you know, I just can’t resist an extra bit of sparkle, and when it comes in such a pretty rose gold hue my heart gets all a flutter.

Supposedly glittery shoes should be retired once we hit January – packed away with the tinsel and the Christmas lights. Some people seem to think they are simply only Christmas appropriate. Well, as a girl who invested in three, yes, three pairs in recent weeks, I say SCREW THAT! If there was a time I needed glittery shoes more than any other, it’s January, while I’m lamenting over the dark days and cold, dreary weather and wondering how long I have to keep up that being healthy and keeping fit stuff before people won’t notice that I’ve stopped. So I’m very happy to see that plenty of the big shoe names are largely ignoring that rule and bringing out new sparkly treats left right and centre! Monsieur Louboutin, I salute you!

Remember kids, glitter is for life, not just for Christmas!




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