Saturday Shopping – Glittery Shoes

You thought I’d finally gotten glittery shoes out of my system didn’t you? Well you were wrong. WRONG!!

There is nothing wrong with wearing glittery shoes at 33, people. Gosh I’m really working hard to justify this new obsession, aren’t I?? Anyway, while most people believe glitter belongs firmly in the realm of Christmas festivities, I’m a firm believer that that is nonsense. January is dreary enough without a glitter ban on the cards, so I personally am doing all I can to keep sparkles alive, seemingly by buying any pair of glittery shoes I can get my hands on. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it….) shoe makers nationwide seem to be in agreement and show no signs yet of easing off with the glitter trend, just feast your eyes on this lovely lot!

Top Row: Dolcis ‘Shanelle’ £32 – Dune ‘Daphnie’ £80 – Dune ‘Discoo’ £42

Second Row: H&M Boots £29.99 – H&M Courts £29.99 – Miss KG ‘Coral’ £55

Third Row: Miss KG ‘Gem’ £70 – Miss KG ‘Sofia’ £49 – New Look Boots £14

Fourth Row: New Look Strappy £29.99 – New Look Courts £22 – Office ‘On To Point’ £68 

Bottom Row: Office ‘On To Point’ £68 – River Island Boots £48 – Call It Spring Courts £24.50

So if, like me, you think the world deserves a little extra sparkle all year round, fear not – there is still time to stockpile! Go forth, friends, and unleash your glittery shoes upon the world with gay abandon!




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