January Lust Haves

It feels like an age since I wrote a wish list post. It was a while ago to be fair. It wasn’t because I wasn’t lusting after anything though, oh no. I just couldn’t write one in December because it was just too darn risky. Everytime I write one I seem to end up buying at least one of the items featured, and last month I just didn’t need the encouragement. I wasn’t very disciplined over Christmas. Ok, that’s an understatement. I bought myself a rather silly amount of ‘presents’. And most of them were doused in sequins or glitter so not the most wearable items either, so I thought it best to keep my lusts to myself to save me having to start dressing for work like the fairy on top of the tree just to justify all my new sparkly purchases.

I’ve got all that glitter out of my system now (ok, this time that’s an out and out lie – I still want glittery things, they just sold out too quick so I’m having to stalk them on eBay instead) so this months lust haves are a little more sensible. Here’s what has been taunting me through my ‘look how grown up and sensible I am now, I’m going to save like an adult and stop buying glittery shoes’ January….

Oh em gee, what a freaking surprise, the first thing on the list is an Oasis tea dress, because I can’t possibly have enough tea dresses already, never mind ones from Oasis:

Oasis Tea Dress, £45

I haven’t featured all that many tea dress themed outfits yet this Winter, which may have led you into a false sense of security, believing I finally found something else to wear when it’s cold. Erm, no. I just figured you were probably bored of seeing them. They’ll be back though, believe me, especially if I end up with this one, which by the way, is completely justifiable, because it has a Peter Pan collar. So it’s totally different from my millionty and two others….

As is this one from H&M:

H&M Floral Dress, £12.99

Because, erm, it’s a dark red floral wrap over dress with longish sleeves, and I genuinely don’t have a dark red floral wrap over dress with longish sleeves, yet, ok? OK? Good, glad we cleared that up.

Oh hey, here’s another thing I have a millionty of but still want all the same:

Topshop Mini, £36

An a-line mini skirt, how original. But it’s cream, and tapestry themed. So there’s that….

Oh wait, here’s something I don’t have:

New Look Shirt, £14.99

A blouse. I don’t have enough blouses, and you can’t deny a good blouse is a sensible investment, right? They go with everything – pencil skirts, mini skirts, loose over skinnies or tucked into high-waisters. You can even wear it over a dress as a cover up. And the print on this one is so darn pretty. I really don’t have enough blouses.

JUST KIDDING. Of course I do. I have hundreds of the things. I just want this one too.

Ok, I think I’ve cracked it now with these:

Office Khaki Shoes, 45.50

I 100%, truly honestly do not own khaki shoes. I have pretty much every shade of green going, apart from khaki, which is a crying shame because khaki is actually a rather good neutral. These also happen to be a pretty perfect pair of pumps in general, with that lovely pointed toe and gold heel. Plus, they’re reduced! So I feel like buying them would just be common sense really. Yes?

You convinced yet?

No me neither. Maybe I’ll be more grown up next month….



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