Fantasy Friday: Coast Steffie High Low Maxi Dress

Well looky here, look what I just found!

Just look at this dress:

‘Steffie’ High Low Maxi Dress, £195, Coast

Look at it. Isn’t it just wonderful? I can’t decide what I like about it the most. The gorgeous, monochromatic jacquard print of the skirt? The way it dips in the back, but rises at the front, so you can showcase a killer pair of heels just so? Just the fact that it’s so darn classy looking? Who knows. I genuinely couldn’t pick a favourite feature. Either way, it’s just a stunning dress, whichever way you look at it. And I’ve been looking at it a lot today, from every angle, so I should know.

One thing is for certain. This dress is posh. It’s definitely the kind of frock you would save for the most special of special occasions, like a ball or a gala. I really don’t have many balls or galas to go to these days on account of me not being remotely posh, but if I was, if I was the kind of person who got to go to balls and galas and sip champagne while being fabulously interesting, wouldn’t this be exactly the kind of frock I would wear? In fact, could this dress be any more me?

Well, yes, as it turns out. It could. It could actually be named after me. Which it is, so that’s lucky. Kind of seems like I should just buy it, huh? That’s clearly the purpose it was made for?

It’s all good. I didn’t need to eat this month anyway…..*



*Well, at least it’s cheaper than the last few I featured. I’m getting there….


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