Unlikely Lust Haves – Marks & Spencers

Hands up who thinks M&S is just for old ladies?

Admit it, you do. Maybe not for everything – we all love a Dine in for £10 treat for dinner every now and then, and who can resist stocking up on Percy Pigs at the till? Not me! But for fashion? Definitely for old ladies. Or at least your Mum (Do not tell my Mum I mentioned her in the same sentence I said ‘old lady’, or I will be subject to a painful death and I swear I will take you down with me!) It’s ok, I do too, and I’m someone who really hates being told I have to shop certain places because of my age. Rightly or wrongly, M&S has always had a bit of a reputation for just being a bit ‘past it’ when it comes to their clothing range, and even I have to admit I’m guilty of harbouring the same preconceptions, no matter how many jazzy Christmas adverts and revamps they do.

Recently though, as I pass through on my way to the foodhall (seriously, Percy Pigs, cannot stop eating them) I find myself stopping to look at the odd piece more and more. Admittedly, I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’m starting to feel a little more confident that I might actually find something to spend those vouchers I get every Christmas on something other than food (ok, £10 worth of Percy Pigs….).

Like this, for example:

Rose Dress
Bodycon Dress, £39.50

This rather attractive rose print wiggle dress is just the kind of thing I’d wear. In fact, if it was by Lindy Bop or Collectif, I’d probably have posted about it already!

And this:

Green Dress
Emerald Dress, £79

It’s green, it’s 50’s shaped – it’s basically me in a dress. I would never in a million years have expected to see a frock like this in Marks & Sparks, yet here it is, in all it’s emerald green glory, making me wish it was hanging in my closet!

It doesn’t just stop at big frocks, there are big skirts too, which we already know are my kryptonite. Take this one for example:

Jacquard Skirt
Jacquard Skirt, £49.50

Lovely full shape, jaunty little bow, expensive looking jacquard fabric – pretty perfect if you ask me.

And it gets better:

Floral Skirt
Floral Skirt, £59

Now this one is a stunner! That bold floral print is just gorgeous! If only they sold nice shoes too, and maybe I’d consider myself a customer for life.

Oh wait……!

Bow Shoes
Bow Shoes, £49.50

Now we’re talking! These are right up my street – that sweet pastel colour and huge, stylish bow jumped right out at me the moment I landed on the footwear page. They also come in a classic black and a bright, sunny coral (which I also love) and now I’m starting to wonder why the hell I wasted all those darn vouchers on stupid Percy Pigs!

Lastly, another thing I forget about M&S is that they have a pretty extensive beauty range, and as much as I like to think it’s all Royal Jelly and lavender scented soap, I have to admit that things have moved on in a big way, especially since the launch of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s range. I first laid my hands on a piece at Christmas when my Mum bought their advent calendar – a nudey-pink coloured lip crayon. I really didn’t want to like it – because seriously, is she even from this planet because I don’t think it’s actually possible to be that freaking beautiful – but I was instantly struck by the pretty rose gold packaging, and fell in love with it the moment it was on my lips. It’s thick, creamy texture felt luxurious rather than sticky, and the pretty pinkish hue (Supermodel Smile, if you’re interested) was just the right nude tone to look natural yet glowing. At just £12.50 it is also far cheaper than my usual favourite Clinique Chubby Sticks, so I will most definitely be stocking up on some more, and will be trying out some of her Lipsticks and Lip Shines soon!

So there you have it! Marks & Spencers – more than just bra’s and pasta salad! Next time I’m in the market for a big skirt (which is, you know, ALWAYS) I’ll be sure not to overlook faithful old M&S.



P.S – Percy – I’m sorry I said you were stupid. You’re not stupid, you’re the most delicious farm-yard animal themed treat I know. You know I can’t resist you, you and your fizzy, curly tails! I still love you – please forgive me?

P.P.S – Oh yeah, Mum, I’m also sorry about the old lady thing…..

One thought on “Unlikely Lust Haves – Marks & Spencers

  1. If I ever actually go to town I sometimes pop in as they do the windows nicely (enticingly) and I do always spot some great stuff. Their shoes tend to be good. It’s just that I pop in say, once or twice a year!!


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