Outfit: Wearing White in Winter

Leather Lace 5

So, apparently, you can’t wear white after Labor Day (basically from September onwards to us Brits).

True fact, people. If you do, you will get arrested, or die, or be unlucky in love for the rest of days, or something like that anyway.

Obviously that won’t really happen, because hey, guess what? It’s just another day. It makes no freaking difference what colour (or lack of colour!) you choose to wear – it’s just another one of those stupid rules someone made up once that for some reason we continue to pedal out as if it were gospel. Even though it’s a ‘rule’ that began in the US, we seem to follow suite here in the UK too, as the stores pretty much consistently turn their backs on anything other than black and grey clothes once the Autumn hits – I wrote a bit of a moan about it here. Admittedly, white is a great Summer shade, and I guess it probably began for practical reasons – wearing white does carry a slight risk, in the UK anyway, when the weather takes a turn for the work and you find yourself navigating the commute to work through rain and slush and the smog of city life. However, I’m the kind of person who will manage to soil pretty much any white garment within 10 minutes of adorning it, rain or shine, so what the heck, I might as well wear it all year round!

I’d actually go as far as saying I’m a real fan of wearing white in Winter. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to don a flowing white maxi to take the dog for a muddy walk in the park or anything, in fact the idea of pristine white fabric trailing through a dirty puddle makes me twitch a little. But a crisp white shirt or dress paired with black is a look I think looks really sharp, so I wasn’t afraid to pull out that white lace dress I bought last month to wear on our recent trip to Bicester, despite the grey, dreary weather we had that day!

This was a second hand bargain I scored off eBay, originally from H&M. I actually stumbled across it by chance looking for the green one that I bought around the same time, as forest green is a common occurrence in my Winter wardrobe, but I was struck by how pretty the pattern in the lace was so threw a casual opening bid in there and lucked out (this is a game I like to play with myself when I know I shouldn’t really be buying MORE STUFF but I spot something I really like. I simply enter the starting bid amount, then try to forget about it until it ends – if no-one else bids I can make myself feel better by telling myself it was an absolute bargain, and if I miss out I can tell myself it wasn’t meant to be! It’s a dangerous game sometimes though – I don’t recommend playing while drunk for example, who knows what might turn up in the post…!) Despite just challenging how ridiculous it is to suggest you can’t wear white at this time of year, white lace in particular is a rather Summery thing to wear usually – here is my last foray just to demonstrate! – so I was a little uncertain whether or not I could make this work, but you know me, I’ll always have a go! It was less because it was white though, having plenty of experience with H&M frocks I knew it would be far, far shorter than I usually have the confidence to wear, so would have to be worn with tights – but I’m really happy with how it turned out! Monochromatic black and white outfits always have a bit of a sixties vibe to me, and I love how the leather jacket ‘toughens up’ the dress making it seem a little less prim and girly.

Leather Lace 3Leather Lace 6Leather Lace 2Leather Lace 4Leather Lace 1

So Winter whites remain a thumbs up from me! How about you?



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