Reasons to be Cheerful – Being Outdoors

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By the time you read this I will probably have been sat in the office all day seething at the beautiful sunshine outside my window, but when I wrote this the sun was just going down on what had been a beautiful day. It’s not exactly what I’d describe as warm yet – though there were moments when I closed my eyes and let the sun bathe my skin, and the breeze had dropped, that I could have almost believe Summer was here. But it was pleasant. It wasn’t cold, it wasn’t raining. The sun shone all day and garden is bright with all the new flowers we’ve been planting. The air smelled of freshly cut grass and Spring blooms and the odd faraway waft of someone getting the BBQ out for the first time this year. It was frankly a joy to be outside.

I, like most Sundays, had little intention of doing much all day – now that I’ve been working Saturdays quite a lot I like to save Sundays strictly for a well needed bit of R & R. But the main difference was, instead of wanting to languish in bed until the afternoon and stay in my PJs all day, I actually couldn’t wait to get up and get dressed and be in the outdoors. I still did pretty much nothing, but I did nothing outside, and it was so much nicer! I was perfectly happy to just sit sipping my morning coffee on the lawn, with Bonnie dozing next to me in the dappled sunlight spilling through the trees (when she wasn’t trying to dig things up or chase next door’s cat, anyway…) It was a lovely calming feeling just sitting there, listening to the birds singing and feeling the breeze ruffle my hair. Sometimes it takes moments like that to make you remember you are actually alive and not a robot that eats, sleeps and works!

Fingers crossed we can keep hold on to the good weather a little longer, especially as I’m heading off for a weekend in the countryside next weekend! Knowing my luck it will be raining again by then, but in the meantime I hope to make the most of it and stay out in the fresh air as much as possible!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, whatever you were doing!



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