Outfit: Accidental Roleplay 3 – Extreme Sailor

Anchors 1.jpg

Regular readers will know that as soon as the sun starts showing it’s face, I start inexplicably wanting to dress like a sailor, instantly reaching for breton stripes and almost certainly pairing them with some sort of red accessory. Previous examples can be found herehere and here! The shops right now are full to the brim of the obligatory floral prints and oodles of pretty pastel shades – all of which I also love and want to consume at an alarming rate – but I just can’t picture a day when I don’t class some form of striped top or dress combo a Spring staple. That is exactly how I assumed I would be wearing this skirt when I featured it on this wish list knowing full well I’d be owning it by the time the weather warmed up again! I had already planned the ensemble thoroughly in my head, down to the specific one of my many, many breton tops that I would wear it with.

Then a couple of weeks ago I did that classic yet risky thing I always do of popping into Primark to buy tights, then having a ‘harmless’ browse, and spotted this rather lovely blouse, complete with an adorably kitsch anchor motif! I’m sure to someone much cooler than me, wearing a skirt with sailor style buttons with a nautically themed blouse would be virtually fancy dress, but you know me – I never let an opportunity to go completely over the top pass me by. I stand by my choice too – kitsch it may be, but I personally feel like the two were made to go together, ‘matchy-matchy’ or not. I could have gone one step further of course and worn red shoes, and I’d love to pretend that was an intentional move to avoid looking like I was wearing a costume, but honestly? It was just because it’s still a little chilly despite the abundance of sunshine lately, so I had to wear tights. If I pluck up the courage to go sans tights in the near future you can bet I’ll be rocking a pair of red flats, and I will make no apologies!

Anchors 2Anchors 8Anchors 10Anchors 4Anchors 5Anchors 6Anchors 7Anchors 3Anchors 9

I’ve actually just realised that I completely failed to include it in my round up of purchases on Sunday, which I think is testament to how much me and this blouse are meant to be! It’s such a good fit with my wardrobe it feels as though I’ve owned it forever, and I think I actually will. Or until it falls apart, anyway.

Excuse me while I hot foot it back to Primark to buy a couple of back ups!!



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