Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Alimi Dress

Well, I’ve been harping on about how much I love Spring and the sunshine and the greenery and the flowers so much, it was only a matter of time before I showed you an appropriately themed dress, right?

Alimi Dress, Ted Baker, £229

This rather beautiful frock is by Ted Baker, and while they are definitely known for their florals, this one is a little different. Think back over the last couple of years, and what they were famous for were florals with a difference – think of all those bold, oversized roses and abstract petal prints in bright fuchsias and corals. There is still plenty of that going on this year, and as always I’m a huge fan – not that I can afford a huge amount of Ted Baker in my life – but there also seems to be a nod back to the floral designs more traditionally seen in Spring, and this one is one of my favourites.

No one will win any prizes for guessing why – the shape has ‘Steph’ written all over it, with that classic 50’s prom-style skirt. Yep, I’d like this dress if it was plain ‘ol black polyester. But there are some added elements that really caught my attention. Firstly, I’m obviously head over heels for that pretty oriental blossom print, which is so whimsical and delicate. It’s also made of a stunning jacquard fabric – not something you see all that often at this time of year, but seemingly all over the place right now – which adds to the volume in that lovely big skirt and gives the whole thing a rather luxurious feel. Acres of fabric like this could make the dress look a little ‘heavy’, which is probably why you see this kind of look more often in Winter, but the addition of the mesh and bow detailing at the neckline really help to soften things up and keep it looking gentle and feminine, as the print deserves.

On a separate note, I really love the grey colour, and that isn’t something I thought I’d hear myself say being as big a fan as I am of pastels and jewel tones, but it makes a nice change. It’s a very versatile colour, is grey, and despite me normally associating it with drizzle and gloom, I think it’s rather pretty. It’s also the perfect neutral for me, because no-one really wants to wear black much in Spring, do they, and I just can’t be trusted with too much white, which will be grubby and spilled on before the end of the day if it’s on me! This sits somewhere in the middle, and can easily be paired with plenty of other colours. Here they’ve gone for silver, which would be an easy option, though I think I’d probably pair it with some pastel pink.

That said, I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to go all out matchy matchy and wear it with these!

Azeline Shoes, £130Ulanna Bag, £70, both Ted Baker

If that’s a bit much for you, the Azeline shoes do actually come in a baby pink, as well as a startling array of other shades! I pretty much want all of them…..




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