April Lust Haves

Guess what guys? It finally happened! I ran out of stuff to buy! There is nothing on my wish list this month!


Obvs, that is just never going to happen. My list is pretty short this month as it happens, but that is less down to insatiable shopping urges being finally sated and more to do with the fact I’ve been so darn busy this month doing fun, non-shopping related activities I just haven’t had time to sit around lusting after things I don’t really need! I KNOW!!

So without further ado, here are the handful of things that did manage to catch my eye this month.

First up, this really sweet little cross body bag from Accessorize:

Stripe Bag
Striped Cross Body Bag, Accessorize, £27

Those of you who know me well know that I tend to favour breton stripes all year round, but Spring is when they seem the most appropriate, so it’s no wonder I’m so taken with this cute, striped little number. I have always been far more of a shoe fiend than a handbag fan, but lately I’ve found myself wanting to expand on my current collection. I’m blaming Kate Spade for that one…! Bags were largely an afterthought to me until a couple of years ago, as were coats and outerwear, but I’ve really started to see them as more of a focus point for an outfit now, and this one would slot nicely into my heavily nautically influenced Spring wardrobe! My only complaint would be that I wish it was a teeny, tiny bit bigger, but I’m sure I could overlook that, especially if it puts a stop to me carrying a year’s supply of unnecessary items around with me everywhere!

Next up, and something I really don’t need more of:

Petal Skirt
Falling In Love With Petals Skirt, Chicwish, £32.72

Yes, a big skirt. You would think after that long list I wrote last week there couldn’t be any more big skirts out there that I hadn’t drooled over – but, no. It isn’t just any big skirt either, it’s a Chicwish big skirt – I already own 6 of the damn things for heavens sake. My only defence here is the age old BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY. I feel like Chicwish must have popped over to read a few of my blog posts, noticed how often I harp on about how much I love blossom petals fluttering on a Spring breeze, or some other such crap, and figured they were onto a winner, because they basically just printed my Springtime daydreams onto my all time favourite style of garment! Thanks for that, Chicwish, just thanks. I was doing really well at this non-shopping thing till I saw that.

We might as well just get this out of the way then. I basically want this one too:

Wisteria Skirt
Divine Wisteria Skirt, Chicwish, £36

No, that isn’t the same skirt. Those are wisteria petals. Totes different…..

It’s a good job I didn’t have much else on the list really, isn’t it? Worst thing is, I can’t use my usual tactic of telling myself I’d never wear them, because they would blatantly both look perfect with my new coral or lilac On To Points. In fact, they are interchangeable. I could mix and match and everything!! OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

Someone please take my laptop away…..



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