Moments of Weakness – April


I managed to go a whole month without buying anything on eBay! Go me!!

That doesn’t mean, of course, that I didn’t buy anything. Oh no. But I have been what I would call incredibly restrained this month, so I’m deeming April a massive success all round. I am choosing to ignore the vast amount I’ve spent on food and drink because it doesn’t count when you’re on holiday, ok? Don’t go raining on my parade now!

Anyway, back to the task in hand, and rounding up this month’s purchases!

Now, I may have curbed my eBay habit, but there are still 3 new pairs of shoes in my collection, which yes, I know, is starting to get silly (I can now hear my parents saying ‘Starting? STARTING??’) but two of them were gifts and I can’t exactly help that now, can I? And we all know what happened with the third pair because I wrote a lengthy post about it just a couple of weeks ago! But heck, lets just take another minute to bask in their glory shall we? Because they’re still awesome!


My instincts were definitely right because I’ve already worn the khaki pair at least three times! Outdoors and everything! And now that the sun has started to stick around a little longer I’m sure you’ll be seeing an outfit post featuring the others too very soon…!

My next purchase was this rather gorgeous wrap dress from good old Primark:

April Weakness 2.jpg

Now, I did feel a teensy weensy bit guilty for buying this because it is remarkably similar to this one that I bought back in Feb, but what can I say? It called to me, and it was only £15, sooooo….. I’m actually really looking forward to wearing this one as it has a bit of a flamenco vibe that really makes me think of holidays! I couldn’t resist pairing it with my Louboutins for this pic just thanks to the matching red soles, but this would also make a perfect casual hanging-out-in-a-beer-garden dress with sandals and shades, so I’m not worried about getting my money’s worth.

I do genuinely seem drawn to midi frocks at the moment, because I also accidentally bought this Vero Moda dress:

April Weakness 3

I had no intention of shopping when I bought this – I was actually trying to help my sister spend a Birthday gift card in House Of Fraser when it beckoned me from across the room (I know, asking for trouble). When I saw it was n the sale I got a little over excited, and when I realised it was down to just £15, well, you know how it goes…. Again, I can see this being pretty versatile – that tribal print and purple hue is really summery, but I’m already picturing it with my beloved Dune Stretchy boots in the Winter!

Lastly, I went rogue….:

April Weakness

I bought some boyfriend jeans. I know, me! I’ve been after something more casual than my usual skinnies for a while now but kept on resigning them to the realms of ‘things I can’t wear’, but we stopped of at a McArthurGlen Shopping Village the other day where Gap had some ridiculous discounts, and the boy convinced me that I didn’t look hideous. I’m still on the fence myself, but they are darn comfy and I seem to be wearing them an awful lot, so I guess that makes them money well spent!

Oh I also treated myself to these while there thanks to a rather brilliant Beauty store:

April Weakness 4.jpg

Come on, 3 Nails Inc for £10 and Essie at £3.99? They were basically paying me to take them….!

So, not too shabby a month on the spending front, almost practical, I’d say! I’m clearly growing.

We’ll see about that next month….!



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