Fantasy Friday – The Audrey Hepburn Dress @ Duchess London

So this week, ASOS brought out this dress, an almost exact replica of the dress Julia Roberts wore as ‘hooker with a heart’ Vivian Ward in iconic 80’s movie, Pretty Woman, and everybody basically lost their shit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that film, and I love Julia Roberts, and I LOVE wearing things that basically border on fancy dress, but I don’t get it. Maybe I would get it, if I was 22 and had the midriff and thighs to match, but I don’t, so no – not for me thanks. If it had been the red ballgown, I’d have been all for it. Or even the polka dots she wore to the polo, which are just a tad more wearable than the ballgown. And now I’m feeling like I really actually do need those polka dots dammit (good news – a little mid-blog Google sesh has confirmed that Wallis has a pretty similar frock here, though hurry as there aren’t many sizes left!) Anyway, the point is, as exciting as the thought is that you can buy an outfit just like one worn by a favourite movie heroine, is it really the Hollywood Boulevard prostitute look you want to be going for?? That’s a no from me personally.

Luckily, this isn’t the only movie star style frock out there, and this one is far more my cup of tea:

Hepburn Maxi, Duchess London, £273

Those who know me well know that Audrey Hepburn is my all time style icon, so I gravitate towards pretty much any item of clothing that looks as though Audrey might have worn it, but a dress that looks identical to one she wore in my all time favourite movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Err, yes please! Now I do get the irony here – Holly Golightly, particularly in the book, was not exactly a ‘woman of morals’ – but no-one can deny that pretty much every outfit she wore was just perfect. Much like Audrey in real life! And this dress is a pretty good example of why – it’s just a plain, simple black dress, and yet the classic shape and the little details make it look like like so much more, and that basically sums up Audrey’s style – elegant yet understated, and never over the top – not to mention the perfect blank canvas for a statement necklace or headpiece!

Now, the maxi is a little on the glamourous side, and probably not something I’d be likely to wear outside of my daydreams (though is wrong of me to want it just to keep on the off chance I get invited to a movie themed fancy dress party one day?). They do, however, also have a midi length version which is seriously testing my will power:

Hepburn Midi Dress, Duchess London, £240

I can completely see modern-day Audrey rocking this beauty with sleek chignon and oversized shades, and I think if I owned it I’d want to do exactly the same. The only difference being that Audrey would of course have worn flats, and I just can’t turn my back on my heels!

Please let me have it and feel like a real life Audrey, just for a day!



P.S – Make that two invites to movie themed fancy dress parties – I just remembered I already have Dorothy from Wizard of Oz outfit in reserve…! Oops! Sort it out people!

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