Outfit: Vivacious Vivi

Vivi 4.jpg

Greetings friends!

I’m writing this post to you from a swelteringly warm spot in the garden after a glorious few days of sunshine. Looking back through these photos I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself about how fickle we humans are. Back then, during our mini break to Harrogate, it felt like such a treat to see the sun in the sky. The excitement of swanning around in a dress and sunglasses was almost too much to contain, which is probably also the reason I made my long suffering photographer boyfriend take 6 million pictures of this outfit. It felt like something precious to be treasured. Quick! Take a 100 photos lest we never see sunshine again! Fast forward 6 weeks or so though and the whole country is slowly melting in their backyards with BBQs on the go, finding it hard to remember a day where a coat was a necessity. I guarantee in work tomorrow at least 10 people will make some sort of complaint about it being too goddam warm, and then in a few days time the skies will cloud over and everyone will cry. Well, I’ll cry, because I have chronic SAD, the rest of the world probably copes a little better with changes in the weather than me, but you get my point.

Anyway, onto the outfit in question, this glorious Lindy Bop creation called Vivi. Vivi is a dress I’ve actually had for quite a long time, and yet this is the first time I’ve actually worn her, which is a mighty shame, because she’s a real beauty, made from that same heavy, chitnzy floral fabric as the Peggy Skirt I wore here. I think part of the problem is that I had deemed that dark print ‘Wintery’ and paired with the long sleeve I just assumed it would be something I’d wear in the colder months, but I had just missed the days when it’s cold enough wear over the knee boots, and so resigned myself to the fact that Vivi would have to wait until December to get out and about. When packing for this trip though, I’d seen that there was due to be a little sunshine on the cards, but back then was dubious that it could ever be warm enough to bare some flesh, so I found myself reaching for Vivi, somewhat as an afterthought.

Boy am I glad I did! The thing I’d completely neglected to notice about that print was that while it looked dark and Wintery indoors, out in the sunshine it really came into it’s own! I really love how the colours pop in the bright daylight (sorry for saying ‘pop’ like a true fashionista, but it’s true, they do!) and I felt unbelievably bubbly and spritely wearing it. The little bit of extra coverage from the sleeves also meant I didn’t get too chilly when the sun went in, so we spent a lovely day outdoors, exploring the town centre and strolling through the park, stopping to watch children sail model boats and admiring the lovely plants and flowers. So Vivi will definitely never be overlooked again!

Vivi 1Vivi 2Vivi 3Vivi 5Vivi 6Vivi 9Vivi 11Vivi 12Vivi 13Vivi 14Vivi 15Vivi 16Vivi 10

On another note, I’m almost certain this sunshine we’re enjoying will be fleeting, so it probably won’t be too long before I get to see how she fares with tights and boots anyway!



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