June Round Up

And just like that, we reached the halfway point of the year! I know everyone says it, like, all the time, but seriously?? Where is 2017 going?? We’re already well into Christmas planning at work, which really makes my head spin (especially when you’re sitting through death by critical path in a sweltering office in the middle of a June heatweave!) but I’ll be writing the annual round up post before we know it! But June though! We’re here to talk about June, and June, it has to be said, was pretty spesh.

Firstly, can we just talk about the weather?? It isn’t often we get to say this, but bar the odd overcast and drizzly day, the weather has been AH-MAZE-ING. And of course, the country went into meltdown, because we just can’t handle more than a couple of days of sunshine in a row, can we? It’s just not normal! After a couple of days of BBQs and long days in the beer garden, everyone started crying about their sunburn and the fact they couldn’t sleep! I on the other hand, was rejoicing, because I think I might actually be part human, part lizard. I’m obsessed with the sun, and should probably have been born on another continent. So I was happy as larry about all of it while everyone else was moaning. Well, apart from the state of my hair, which doesn’t fare too well in humidity, and looked a bit like Monica in that episode of Friends when they went to Barbados! As a result of all the sun though, there have been an awful lot of outdoor activities, BBQs, drinking and DRESSES! Yay for all the dresses, which you will be seeing plenty of in the coming weeks.

It was also an eventful month. What I thought was a heat rash turned out to be a bout of shingles, which was pretty pants. And PAINFUL! I always knew you could get it if you’d had chicken pox, but for some reason I thought it was something you got in old age so I was a little surprised, and miffed that I had to keep the back of my shoulder as covered as possible through all that glorious weather! Even more irritating was the fact my friend gave birth the day I got the official diagnosis, meaning I can’t go and see the baby for a little while longer yet! Luckily I haven’t been too poorly with it as it can be pretty nasty for some, and it’s on the way out. We also had some dramas early on. We went to our usual Wednesday night quiz, and being a week away from her due date and feeling stir crazy, my aforementioned pregnant friend decided to join us. We were having a great time, doing well on the quiz and talking impending baby stuff, when halfway through she realised something was wrong – the scummy bloke who’d been sat behind us had skimmed her handbag and stolen her wallet and phones! She had been in the process of switching from one phone to another, and irritatingly he’d gotten them both! I mean, it’s pretty shitty to steal someone else’s property either way, but from a lady who is quite obviously 38 weeks pregnant?? What if she hadn’t realised and had gone into labor on the way home?? I was fuming! My anger helped though, because while she and my other half were busy calling the police and cancelling cards, I had to power through with the quiz on my own, and I used my rage to get me through. I was all ‘I’M GOING TO WIN THIS QUIZ FOR YOU, UNBORN BABY!!’ and by some miracle, I bloody did!! Well, a miracle, and the great luck that the music round was 80’s music, but either way, the prize pot contributed nicely to the replacement phone we sorted for her.

Thankfully the rest of the month was a little less dramatic! Smack bang in the middle of the heatwave we attended Rum in Brum, a rum festival held at one of our local pubs. It was a fun day of yummy food and delicious rum cocktails, although I took pretty much zero pictures because, well, because RUM. It was admittedly a little too sweaty with the hundreds of bodies packed into a covered garden with three street grills packing out extra heat, so in the end we sought the cool solace of the cinema to catch Wonderwoman, and I now am firmly obsessed with Gal Godot. What. A. Bod. And face. And hair. I’m pretty sure she might actually be a goddess – that wasn’t just a storyline folks!

June 3

Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited to a colleagues wedding, and what a wedding it was! Not the traditional type, the Bride had essentially arranged a mini festival to celebrate her nuptials, with jenga, table tennis, sumo suits, a bouncy castle and lots and lots of cheese and cider! It was an absolutely beautiful day and I loved the laid back, non formal vibe! Also top marks for having a Fish and Chip van turn up to serve dinner! The next day we headed over to one of our favourite annual events, Foodies Festival – a huge meeting of street food traders and pop up bars! The weather wasn’t quite as glorious as last year, and we were a touch hungover from the wedding, but we still made the most of it. I ate delicious Thai noodles, white chocolate orange macarons and a malteser brownie, all washed down with lashings of fruit cider and craft beer!

And that was June! Hope yours was equally sunny and fun like mine (but hopefully without the thieving and shingles!)



6 thoughts on “June Round Up

  1. Oh no I hope the shingles cleared up quickly! I had it when I was 12, the Doctor said it’s brought on my stress (my grandad, great-grandma and nanny died within quick succession so they put it down to that plus school). I remember being quite ill so hopefully you are well over it now x


    1. Aw, I’ve been lucky thanks, not really been poorly at all, just sore! It’s pretty much gone thankfully, and I read you would have to be really unlucky to get it more than twice in your life so hopefully we won’t get it again for a long time now, if at all! I just kept thinking how lucky I was it was easily covered up and out of sight – could have had it all over my face!


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