Reasons to be Cheerful – Bring It, September!


We’ve had the last week of September and the first week of October blocked out for a while now with the intention of taking a proper beach holiday, but last week we finally committed to it and booked ourselves a 10 night break in Tenerife. It still feels like a reeeeeeally long way away, but it’s real now, and it’s really giving me some motivation to plod on through the next few months.

We had to leave it late in the year this year, because we both have what might potentially be a busy and stressful few weeks ahead of us at work, and it’s already feeling like an age since our last one, which in fairness was just over a year ago. Every time I see a friend check in at the airport on Facebook or start posting hot dog legs by the pool pictures the green eyed monster creeps out and I feel a touch resentful, but the best part about an Autumn holiday is that by the time we go, everyone else will have had theirs and will be jealous of me! So I’m certain it will be worth the wait!

I’ve been really lucky this year in that we’ve had lots of great weather, and I’ve managed to squeeze in plenty of lovely little trips, but there is nothing quite like a long beach break abroad, is there? I always find it hard to really switch off when I’m in this country, especially if I’m only away for a couple of days. I can have a lovely time, but in the back of my head I’ll still be wondering what is going on at work or thinking about what bills still need paying. And of course it’s far harder to resist the urge to have a quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram! No, I think the only time I really, truly, 100% switch off and relaxed, is when I’m sat poolside somewhere in tropical temperatures, preferably with a sickly cocktail in hand at around 2pm in the afternoon! The warm air hitting your face as you step off a plane, the butterflies you get on the first night when the week stretches out before you and seems endless, the lazy afternoon snoozes you would never take at home – they all add up to me being one content girly, and I absolutely cannot wait!

No matter what the next couple of months has to throw at me, I’ll get through it, because now I have something awesome to look forward to! Everytime I feel a tantrum coming on I’ll be able to tell myself not to worry, because there will only be a few more weeks to go before I’m sunning myself on a beach far, far away, and I won’t give a toss about whatever trivial thing it was bothering me.

So, bring it, September! I’m ready and waiting for you!

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