Outfit: Foodies Festival

Foodies 11

Woohoo, told you that sunshine had come to stay for a while, didn’t I? We certainly managed to get a nice little run of pleasant weather last weekend, thats for sure. Good job really, because it’s been pretty much torrential rain ever since, but so goes the English Summer.

The best part of last weekend’s lovely climate was that it happily coincided to an event I bought tickets to some time ago – Foodies Festival, an annual event held in Cannon Hill Park just up the road where hundreds of street food vendors and sellers get together for a mass face-stuffing session. I first went last year, and had a jolly nice time, though this year with all that glorious sunshine was even better and we had the most lovely day. I mean, sunshine is good, but sunshine, best friends, delicious food and lots to drink is even better, no?

I most definitely made the most of the treats on offer. I ate and drank EVERYTHING, but most notably a delicious chickpea curry from local street vendors The Spice is Right, alongside their specialty, Herbie Fries (chips fried in pakora batter, 6 billion calories of yumminess, thank you very much), Indian Cider (jury is out on that one, though apparently it is free of added sugar, additives and all things unhealthy, erm apart from alcohol, obvs) and as much free cheese as I could get my hands on. There was also rum being served from a pirate ship, liquid nitrogen ice cream and all sorts of wonderful things that I completely managed to neglect to get any photos of, because I’m the worst blogger in the world. I did manage to get some pics of the tastiest macarons I’ve ever tried, including gin and tonic, elderflower and Innis & Gunn flavours. Oh, and my outfit, of course. Lucky you!

Foodies 5Foodies 4Foodies 11Foodies 6Foodies 1Foodies 7Foodies 9Foodies 3Foodies 10Foodies 2

Thanks to the wonderful weather I’d decided to get my pins out by wearing one of my beloved tea dresses sans tights for a change. The tea dress in question is one of my proudest ever eBay bargains – a lovely little Louche number, brand new with tags on for just 99p plus post and packaging. Yep. I’m pretty damn smug about that one. I also had myself a blogging first – the cringe experience of having to have your photo taken in front of millions of people, hence my rather embarrassing piss take posing. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I know people are watching me I feel the need to completely over act, just in case they were thinking ‘Look at that numpty over there who thinks she’s a right fashionista. What a douche.’ Much better that they think ‘Look at that numpty over there pratting about like a right idiot. What a douche,’ of course.

Remind me why I started blogging again?



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