Outfit: Never Work With Animals…

Lillies 8.jpg

I’m not suggesting this is the only reason I got a dog or anything, but you would think that having an adorable pooch would really help you in the fashion blogging stakes. I mean, Paris Hilton has been using one as a fashion accessory for years now, and a quick scroll through Instagram will tell you a furry companion is outfit photo gold. I think there is something wrong with mine though, because it just doesn’t seem to be working. Bonnie just doesn’t have what it takes, unfortunately. I mean, I thought my poses were cringe, but just look at her in this latest lot? No poise, no decorum. She can’t even look in the right direction, and as you can see she’s throwing me right off my stride here!

Well, the outfit I was trying to show you before Bonnie started acting up was this rather lovely little frock by Rosa Rosa. When I first started writing this post I was going to say that I don’t really wear this frock as much as I should, given it’s versatility, but after I started I realised this is, in fact, the third time I’ve featured it, making it one of my most featured frocks so far! The first outfit was this rather summery affair, worn with wedges on a casual sunny Sunday. The next occasion was the complete opposite – this far more Winter appropriate get up featuring over the knee boots. So it seems fitting then, that this time it falls somewhere in between! These were taken just before the heatwaves hit, in that risky period when it looks nice and bright outside, but suddenly drops to baltic temperatures in the shade, and when a torrential downpour is only ever a few moments away! The addition of the leather jacket was all that was needed to keep out the chill so I could flash my milk bottle legs without catching my death! The green suede shoes were possibly not the most appropriate for a day when rain is quite possibly imminent, but hey, I like to live life on the edge! Though I would just like to reassure you that I don’t normally walk the dog in heels – I wore these to work and had some flats in my bag which I promptly changed into as soon as the photos were taken, honest!

Lillies 1Lillies 3Lillies 6Lillies 5Lillies 9Lillies 7Lillies 2Lillies 11Lillies 10Lillies 12

Maybe by the time I come to photograph this dress again Bonnie might have learnt how to pose properly. I’m  not sure I’ll let her take part again though to be honest, because of this:

Lillies 4

Blatant scene stealing going on right there! She’s clearly after my job, little minx!



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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Never Work With Animals…

  1. Oscar and Roxy are terrible to photograph too – O usually looks the other way or moves at the last minute and R runs in the other direction any time I get out my phone/camera!! Bons looks like a pro – and you don’t look half bad either… 😉 x


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