Fantasy Friday – Jimmy Choo Blare Collection

It’s not often I get excited over flat shoes.

Once upon a time flat shoes were just what I wore to and from the bus stop as a necessity. I bloody loved me my heels! I still do, but I do seem to wear them less and less these days. I think it’s because I’m getting old. And I now want to shoot myself for saying that…. Anyway, while you will not be able to prise my beloved heels from my cold, dead hands for love nor money, I have in my wisdom begun to realise the value of an awesome pair of flats. I mean, being able to rock awesome shoes that you don’t have to change for the commute? That’s the dream, people. Gone are the days where one pair of plain black ballet flats will suffice….

Although black isn’t always boring. Oh no. Sometimes plain black flats come in a package like this:

Blare Black Flat

Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about! That’s a perfect flat shoe right there! Just look at that bow! It also comes in white, and a shocking pink, which I have to say I’m really rather taken with:

Blare Flats, Jimmy Choo, £425 – £450

Now, there is more.

They do come in a heeled version. And that heeled version comes in multiple colours:

Blare Heels, Jimmy Choo, £495 – £525

These are a little too low for me to class as ultimate fantasy footwear, but I would hands down wear these to work or a casual Saturday lunch for sure! In fact, I could wear the flats for the commute, and swap into the heels once I go to the office! Ideal! Comfort and practicality without even changing the aesthetic! Now, if they could just add a 120mm heel to the collection so I had something to slip on for afterwork cocktails I’d be onto a hat-trick!

Get on it, Jimmy!




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