Outfit: The Neglected Skirt

Watercolour 3.jpg

Most of you probably won’t remember this skirt. That’s because I first wrote about it a whole 2 years ago. Almost to the day, in fact! And yet, these pictures depict the very first time I ever wore it. I know. I’m a little bit ashamed….! I honestly can’t tell you why I haven’t worn it. It’s exactly my style. 50’s style shape? Tick. Stiff cotton fabric? Tick. Floral? Tick. It’s even got pockets, goddamit!! And yet it has hung, unworn, alongside it’s pink twin, for almost two years. Utterly ridiculous!

When the sun came out for our recent trip to Somerset I decided it was high time I rectified this blatant and horrendous error! And what a good job I did, because I realised what a great little skirt it is, and have even worn it’s sister now too! I think my favourite thing about it is the print. These pictures don’t really do it justice, as up close it has a lovely watercolour effect. It’s such a happy, bright summery skirt, and made me feel really smiley (though that could have been the sunshine, and the fact I was off work for a week…) It was a bit of a gamble buy in the first place – they were through an independent seller on Amazon and I’d never heard of the brand. At just under £10 each they seemed a little too good to be true, and I was expecting to be disappointed with the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised! They’re very well made, and the fabric is nice and sturdy, yet still soft. So even if this is the last time I wore it, I’ll still have gotten my moneys worth!

It also offered me an important opportunity – I bought this cute Kate Spade bag a few months ago now, but have found it harder than I anticipated to match with outfits. Strangely, I’ve actually managed to get a good few uses out of it since these were taken, but this was officially the first outing!

Watercolour 1Watercolour 4Watercolour 8Watercolour 5Watercolour 2Watercolour 9Watercolour 7Watercolour 10Watercolour 6

Do you have any purchases languishing unworn in your wardrobe? Or are you better behaved than me?



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