Outfit: Going for the Hat-Trick

Hat Trick 3

Remember how I said I didn’t only pack Lindy Bop for my trip to Somerset? Yeah, that was a big, fat lie. Guys, I totally only packed Lindy Bop clothes for my trip to Somerset, which I think now I should rename as ‘my trip to Somerset, sponsored by Lindy Bop’. It wasn’t an intentional thing, it just turned out that way as I had a few dresses bought in the Winter that I hadn’t had chance to wear yet, but I have no regrets. Lindy Bop did me good that week!

The last of the three dresses was Marlene. I was thrilled when I spotted this pastel gingham version of Marlene last year, because she bore a remarkable resemblance to The Pretty Dress Company’s Priscilla, which I’ve been in love with for a long time. Unfortunately, Priscilla costs £125, and while I’m sure she is damn worth every penny that is just that bit out of my budget for a dress that isn’t for a special occasion. So when I found that Lindy Bop had kindly produced this pale blue copy cat for just £35 it was my mission to own it. We all know how hat works though – it sold out too quickly and I ended up finally snagging it after a long eBay stalk. I’m under no illusions that this version is no where near as well made and high quality as The Pretty Dress Company’s version, but I’m pretty darn happy with it. It’s a little different from my other Lindy Bops in that I usually go for the stiff, structured shapes, where this one is light and floaty – perfect for a hot and Sunny day. The only downside I found was that the strap adjusters are made from a very flimsy plastic, and I actually broke one within a an hour of putting it on when I knelt on the hem while strapping the dog into the car! It’s nothing a couple of stitches couldn’t fix, but if you purchase one you might want to thing about stitching the straps at your preferred length from the get go to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

Hat Trick 7Hat Trick 4Hat Trick 1Hat Trick 9Hat Trick 8Hat Trick 11Hat Trick 5Hat Trick 6Hat Trick 10Hat Trick 2Hat Trick 12

Despite wearing a lovely frock, which is normally enough alone to put a smile on my face, I look a little sad in these photos. It’s because we had just packed the car and were preparing to set off for home, and I was genuinely a little gutted to be going. I’ve always suffered post holiday blues pretty bad, but this time was a little worse, because rather than being in a hotel we’d been staying in a cottage, and it felt a little bit like what our life might be like once things are all settled. I felt a little bit like crashing back down to earth, going back to my little spare room and all my stuff in storage, but still, it was nice to get a sneak peek.

Good things come to those who wait though, and it hopefully won’t be long till we’re set to do it for real. In the meantime I’ve got all those dresses to keep me smiling!



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2 thoughts on “Outfit: Going for the Hat-Trick

    1. I do love it, I struggled at first to match it with things but now I’m on a roll and use it all the time! It is making me want to buy more though!!


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