Reasons to be Cheerful – Baby Cuddles

I’ve been a very luck girl this week, because I had the pleasure of not one, but two lots of delicious baby cuddles!

I had been waiting with bated breath to have a snuggle with Rayna, she of the ‘scumbag steals phone from 38 week pregnant lady’ scandal! Rayna kept all of us, including her Mum, waiting a very long time before making her entrance to the world, which irritatingly coincided with me having a bout of shingles, so I wasn’t able to visit for a little while. We were then due to make a visit a couple of weeks ago, but work dramas kept us busy in the office until late, and by the time we’d managed to leave, Rayna had made it clear to her Mum that she was not in the mood for visitors so we decided to let them rest and reschedule for another day when they were feeling less frazzled. It got tricky then to find a date and I was desperate to meet the little munchkin, so I was thrilled when I got a message saying they were popping into the office for a visit! Needless to say, I didn’t get a huge amount of work done that afternoon, because I was far too busy getting in as many hugs as I could! Thankfully, she was on her best behaviour that day and spent a good half an hour dozing on my shoulder, where I’d have happily left her for the rest of the day! There is something very soothing about having a tiny being asleep against you, I don’t know if it is a maternal instinct or something, but it just makes me feel calm to my very core.

Ever since I’ve been looking forward to when I can get my next lot in, and luckily I didn’t need to wait very long because this weekend we spent a few days with friends and their adorable kiddies, so there were plenty of cuddles going spare then too! It feels a little strange at this age, where you know you’re ready to have kids and everyone around you seems to either have some already or is pregnant – it’s hard not to sometimes feel a little bit sad and left behind, and wonder when it is going to be your turn. In the meantime though, most new parents are more than happy to hand them over for cuddles so they can have a little break, so I’m happy to take advantage all I can. And on the plus side, I got to sleep in until 11am after a night on the wine, and they all had to be up at the crack of dawn, so there are plus sides…!

Baby 2



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