Outfit: Never Save For Best

For Best 1

I’ve made no secret of the fact I find it hard to get excited about casual clothes. They just don’t ignite the same fire in me as a beautiful dress or an amazing pair of heels. Casual clothes seem almost necessary, so they don’t elicit the same thrill when I unwrap them or spot them at a bargain price in the sale. I make no apologies for this, because to state otherwise would be like saying the weekly shop and Aldi is as exciting as a trip to the Caribbean! Come on, it’s just not the same is it? Jeans, jumpers, trainers. Just blah. Some people can rock them and look blinking amazing. Not me though, so my idea of a treat is a frock that will make me feel like a debutante, or something plastered in glitter and bows! I have a pretty darn attractive wardrobe as a result, truth be told, but it does have it’s downsides. One of which being, I have plenty of party-worthy clothes, and not a huge amount of ‘going to the pub’ clothes, meaning a lot of those gorgeous garments spend far longer than I’d like just hanging there, waiting for a chance to be worn.

Well, no more, I said! No longer will I let them languish! They deserve the chance to be worn with pride! Plus, collectively they cost me a pretty penny, so it only makes sense really….. and that is how I came to be wearing this rather dressy skirt on a random weekday at work. It’s a little bit fancy for work really. It is made of an incredibly heavy, embroidered fabric, not all too disimilar to the upholstery of an antique chair to be honest, which to some is ridiculous but to me was all part of it’s charm. I have absolutely adored this skirt since the day it arrived from a Chicwish sale eons ago, and yet I’ve only actually worn it once, and even that was to a fancy dress party, and all because it’s too ‘nice’. But something in me snapped that day, and after mentally discarding it while getting dressed for work, I decided to wear it anyway, because who cares really? Plus, it gave me another excuse to use my mint Kate Spade!!

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Now all I need to do is work out how to not feel totally self conscious about looking overdressed all day…!



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