July Lust Haves

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of avoiding the shops lately. Not out of choice, you understand, just out of necessity, really. Because there are freakin’ sales on, EVERYWHERE, right now, which is proving hard to resist. Also, though, I’ve noticed the Autumn/Winter ranges start to creep in, and frankly, looking at jumpers and boots in July is just not god for my soul, so I’ve been trying to give shopping in general a bit of a wide berth. No matter how hard I try though, those lust haves always find a way of creeping into my consciousness.

Take these shoes for example:

July Zara Shoes
Zara Satin Courts, £29.99

Recognise them? No, probably not, because you aren’t obsessive like me. To jog your memory, I wrote a long and heartfelt post here about a remarkably similar pair of shoes and a handful of items that had managed to elude me thus far, much to my annoyance. Those beautiful yellow shoes were possibly the ones that haunted me the most. Amazingly, Zara have decided to release an almost identical version! This time the shade is a little closer to chartreuse than yellow, which actually will probably be easier to wear, and I love them just as much as the first pair. I’m determined not to lose out this time so don’t be surprised if I’ve bought them by the time my July Moments of Weakness post is up…..!*


Another pair of shoes caught my eye this month, though they couldn’t be more different:

July White Shoes
New Look Sandals, £25.99

White shoes aren’t something I’d normally say ranked highly on my lists of things I desperately want, but lately I’ve found myself quite drawn to casual, white sandals, and am particularly taken with this pair from New Look. There is something a little nostalgic about them and I think they’d look really sweet with a little summer dress – perfect holiday shoes!

Next up, and back to my usual form:

July Sixton Dress
Sixton ‘Bloomsbury’ Dress, £65

I first saw this rather lovely frock by Sixton over at Aspire Style quite some time ago, and was instantly in awe of the retro print. It sold out pretty quickly and I tried to put it from my mind. But then when I visited the other week to write this post I couldn’t help but notice it was back! And so it’s now firmly back on the wish list too!

Last but not least:

July Oasis Dress
Oasis Ruffle Midi, £55

Ah, come on. You didn’t actually think I’d managed to stay away from Oasis, did you? Course not! Checking out the new in section of Oasis is pretty much a daily ritual of mine now! Yes, even after I bought ALL THE THINGS in the sale last month! They really do have an ability to get under my skin, do Oasis. After all my talk of not liking ruffles, I really shouldn’t like it. But I do, because it’s floral. And it comes from Oasis, basically, which seems to be the only requirement really. I think possibly booking a holiday must have gone to my head or something.

Anyway, that’s it for this month! Next month I’ll try not to include anything from Oasis.

I already know that’s a lie….



*SPOILER: I already bought the shoes, obvs…..

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