July Round Up

Hang on a minute, was that July that just whizzed by?? Apparently so, because it’s August already, which isn’t good news for me. It basically means there are only 4 weeks left of Summer. Yeah, I know not officially – we could still get an Indian Summer and the genuine end falls towards the end of September, but its the end of Summer as I know it. Maybe it’s an overhang from my youth when September meant the dreaded return to school, but in my head it all gets very Wintery as soon as August ends!

Back to July though, because that sad day hasn’t quite arrived just yet! July was…. well, I don’t really know what to tell you! Because honestly? I can’t really remember! It certainly started well. The very first day of July we took my Dad out for his Father’s Day treat, which was a trip to a Coffee Festival in Birmingham’s Custard Factory. It was a rather impressive collection of over 40 independent coffee brewers, as well as lots of yummy treats from artisan bakers and chocolatiers! Now, I’m an absolute caffeine fiend, but even for me a few shots of very strong espresso was enough to have me bouncing off the walls, so we ventured off to seek solace in our other favourite vice, booze, in a nearby beer garden before embarking on a little bar crawl which finished at our new favourite restaurant, Indian Brewery. If you read this recent post about that place, you don’t need to ask why that made it a fantastic start to the month for me!

A couple of days later we spent the weekend at one of my now favourite annual events, Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival in my old stomping ground, Moseley. I had the most amazing couple of days with some of my favourite people, lazing in the sunshine, eating delicious street food and watching the most amazing acts like Soul to Soul, Sugarhill Gang and Chaka Khan – not to mention some amazing newer bands I’d not yet seen (if you have never heard of St Paul & The Broken Bones, I urge you to check them out!) I particularly loved a nostalgic little trip down memory lane thanks to the lashings of glitter we decorated ourselves with! The one thing that really shocked me though was how exhausted I was by the end! Just spending three days sat on a picnic blanket and occasionally standing up to jig a little really took it out of me, and by Monday I was stiff as a board, rather hoarse and feeling a little old. Though some of that could be down to the copious amounts of beer we consumed….

And after that things just became a bit of a blur! I know I’ve had a great month, I know I’ve sent some lovely times with friends and family, and I know I’ve started making future plans that make me very excited indeed, but quite where the month has gone I just don’t know!

You know what they say though – time flies when you’re having fun!

How was your July, friends?



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