Outfit: Life Before Denim

Denim Jacket 8

It’s funny, up until last year I didn’t actually own a denim jacket. Well, not since I was in my early 20s, anyway. Quite how this happened, I’m not sure. I always had an inkling I needed one. I even wrote a post about it here! And yet somehow, for a good 15 years, it simply was not an item I owned.

About a week or so after writing said post, I finally righted this wrong by buying myself a cute little denim jacket from New Look for my holidays, and then something very strange happened. I didn’t actually notice at first, because that Summer passed in a blur, the way Summers irritatingly always seem to do, and before I knew it I was back in Winter coats. This year though, I noticed. I noticed that somehow, after all these years of not owning one, I had slowly become incapable of wearing any other casual cover up! I’m not actually even kidding here. This weekend the weather turned a little rainy, and I was due to head out for some casual drinks. Normally I’d have reached for my trusty denim friend, but on this particular occasion I was already wearing blue jeans. Now, I know 90’s fashion is back in and all, but I am just not ready for double denim, so this wasn’t an option. And crazy as it sounds – and believe me I know it sounds crazy – I actually started to panic, because I couldn’t for the life of me work out what to wear! It felt too warm for my leather jacket. A cardigan was not going to keep out the rain, and I was adamant it wasn’t yet time to get the mac back out. So what to do? I tried to rack my brains to think about what I’d have worn before I got one, and I just kept drawing blanks. I literally couldn’t remember life before denim!

I suppose it isn’t surprising I’ve become so reliant on it so quickly. It is basically the ideal cover up – casual enough to throw on with a pair of trousers, but then also a great addition to a pretty dress or skirt like I’m wearing here in these pics, thanks to it’s cropped waist. I think it’s safe to say it will be staying for good now I’ve finally got one!

Denim Jacket 2Denim Jacket 5Denim Jacket 3Denim Jacket 4Denim Jacket 7Denim Jacket 1Denim Jacket 6

I really wish I could remember what I used to wear though – it’s literally driving me nuts!



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