Fantasy Friday – Saloni Zoey Dress

Saloni ‘Zoey’ Dress, £440 c/o Matches

And now for something completely different, as they say!

This frock is basically the complete opposite of last week’s Fantasy Friday star. Last week’s gown was all about volume, while this one is slinky and form fitting. That dress was a touch on the conservative side, while this one has a flirty feel with it’s flared hem and cheeky cut out at the back. Rochas’ creation was a beautiful, sophisticated jewel tone of green, where as the shade of this dress is an equally dazzling yet bright and daring red! The two could not be more different, and yet I love them with equal abandon!

One thing the two do have in common is a retro feel – both have a bit of a 50s vibe going on, and we all know that is always bound to get my attention. While both are certainly very glamourous, this Saloni number has a little bit more versatile, and I could see myself sporting it both casually in the day with flats, or dressed up for dinner in killer heels. My absolute favourite thing about it though is the button detail. I don’t know what it is about buttons, but I’m instantly drawn to anything button-through. Perhaps it’s a nostalgic throwback to the huge tin of assorted buttons that kept me entertained for hours as a child? Either way, and dress or skirt with buttons down the front or back is going to easily find it’s way onto one of my wish lists!

At least this one is a little cheaper than last week’s, though still out of my budget unfortunately. Unless any of you are feeling generous?

No? Spoilsports…..



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