Reasons to be Cheerful – Bathtime Gin

It’s been a tough couple of weeks, work wise. A few projects have landed all at once and they’ve brought with them the usual trials and tribulations. I’m the kind of person that likes to feel like they know what they’re doing and understand what is expected of them, so I always find it a little uncomfortable having to navigate completely new territory, particularly when I’m not feeling very well prepared! On top of that I’ve had a few new members join my team, which ramps up my anxiety tenfold because when training new people during a period of uncertainty I always manage to convince myself they will cotton on to the fact that I’m kind of guessing as I go along and deem me completely incapable of being in charge! Yeah, I’m a bit of a basket case like that…

Anyway, other than the fact it’s far busier than usual and I’m having to hit the ground running and make a few educated guesses here and there, it’s all actually going fine. There haven’t actually been any major disasters, they are mostly just potential ones in my head, but I have always been a bit of a worrier at heart, and periods like this have always taken their toll on me a bit. I’m fine, but definitely feeling a little frazzled. I have multiple techniques for dealing with these feelings, which can range anywhere in between sitting down with someone and having a good old heart to heart about it, to completely ignoring it and hoping it will go away! Often though, all that is really needed is to completely switch off and try to relax, because there aren’t any real problems, it’s just my brain getting completely overwhelmed and worked up!

Time is usually the key blocker to proper relaxation for me – there are always 101 other adult things that need sorting after I’ve left the office – but when I do find I have some me time to spare, my favourite relaxation technique is to run a long hot bubble bath, pour myself a big G&T, and stick an Audrey movie on the iPad. I’ve always been a bath person – we actually were one of the last people I knew to get a shower in our house when I was younger! Maybe the preference just stuck, but I’ve always enjoyed the leisurely nature of a long hot bath. It’s one my favourite little pleasures in life, sinking into a fragrant, steamy bath and soothing away my aches and pains. I see it as a real opportunity to pamper myself, particularly with the addition of the gin, which funnily enough also has a remarkable ability to calm me right down….

Bathtime Gin

What’s your favourite way to take the edge off a bad day?




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