Outfit: And Then the Rains Came…

Rainy 3

It had to happen at some point, didn’t it? I’ve been able to post pretty outfit upon pretty outfit this Summer thanks to our luck with the weather, but recently things have taken a turn for the, well, the British! We aren’t really used to long spells of sunshine here in England, so to be honest it was to be expected that we wouldn’t get away with an entire Summer without a rainy spell so I guess we can’t complain. It’s what we are used to, after all, so it’s been a bit of a treat. It does make it a little trickier to put outfits together when things get rainy though, and I do tend to find all inspiration goes out of the window when the skies cloud over.

I wore this outfit recently to join some friends for a Birthday outing to the pub and then onto a curry house for dinner, and it was already that type of occasion I dread – where the occasion is extremely vague, with no real idea of what the outcome of the evening will be, and you have no clue whether to dress up and risk looking like a numpty, or dress down and end up feeling like a scruff! It then also didn’t help that thunderstorms were forecast, but that the temperatures were still relatively high – oh the struggle of finding that balance between smart but casual and dry yet not overheated!!

I went in the end with what I felt was a happy medium – the tried and tested combination of skinny jeans and a pretty cami top, of which I noticed lately I have a frightening number of. Quite how my collection built into such epic proportions I’m not quite sure as I don’t feel like I wear them all that much, but there you go (I blame Oasis and their never ending collections of irresistible floral prints!) Usually I’d wear a pair of modest heels to help me feel a little smarter, but the weather was just so bad that night I stuck with flats (I KNOW – WHO EVEN AM I ANYMORE???) I’m sure you won’t have failed to notice that these red Zara flats have gotten plenty of wear this year, I do love that they’re just a little bit more interesting than a standard pair of ballet flats, so have been the ones I turn to when I want to dress up a little more without wearing heels!

The weather wasn’t too bad while these photo’s were taken, however in the time it took me to get to the venue things got dramatically worse, and I can confirm that I did NOT arrive looking like this – I experienced a first in that my umbrella not only blew inside out, but physically snapped in half, leaving me holding just the remains of the handle in a bemused fashion! So the final look was a lot more bedraggled! So just as well I hadn’t gone to a lot of effort really!

Rainy 1Rainy 8Rainy 4Rainy 5Rainy 6Rainy 2Rainy 7

How do you dress up on a rainy day?



In this post: Red floral cami, Dorothy Perkins (Similar) – Black skinny jeans, Primark (Similar) – Leather Jacket, Oasis – Shoes, Zara (Similar) – ‘Laurel Wesley Place’ Bag, Kate Spade (Similar)

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