Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Olive Drive Bags

Oh Kate.

Must you keep putting your adorable bows all over EVERYTHING?? You know how I feel about bows, especially bows as beautiful as yours. It’s hard enough to resist your things as it is, but when you go and put my kryptonite smack bang in the middle? That’s cold, Kate, real cold.

Take your latest little collection of be-bowed goodness for example. It wasn’t enough just to bring out one new bowed bag, you also had to make it in 4 different colourways. And not just any colourways, the loveliest combination of pretty yet completely neutral black, nude, blush pink and olive green. THEY WILL GO WITH EVERYTHING, DAMMIT KATE! But you already knew that didn’t you? And you weren’t done there. One style wasn’t enough, oh no. ‘Why not copy that bow onto LOTS of different bags??’ you thought, rubbing your probably perfectly manicured hands together, laughing maniacally in an evil dictator kind of way. And I think I could have forgiven you for, let’s say, two? But seriously Kate – there are six different styles. Six. In all those colours. THAT IS 17 BAGS, KATE! And I want all of them:

Kate Spade Olive Drive Range, top down – Bridget, Hetty, Robin, Corin, Lacey and Savannah. Prices range from Β£205 – Β£405

Why Kate, why? Why are you putting me through this torment? We’re supposed to be friends?!



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