Pssst…! Sale Tips – Extra 20% Off Sale @ Oasis

It’s a well known fact that Oasis have a conspiracy against me.

They basically want all my money, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Not only do they have some creepy way of tapping into my innermost wishes and desires, they also find sneaky ways of of trying to catch my attention. During their most recent sale, I actually had to change my route home because I kept bumping into people while trying to ignore the signs screaming, MORE LINES ADDED!!! They are willing to deploy some very underhand tactics when going about this mission, and that has never become more obvious than now. See, they must have noticed that it has been a few weeks since I purchased anything, so they have tried to lure me back by offering another 20% off the already highly discounted sale. Well, more fool you Oasis, because you did this one week before payday, so HA! Jokes on you! I already gave you all my available funds, so there!

If you are feeling a bit richer than me though, you might just be able to make use of this by adding the code EXTRA20 at the till. You will also need to be a bit smaller than me, because there are only a handful of sizes left, and most of them teeny tiny, but it’s worth a look, right? One of these might just end up going home with you – yes, there are even some pieces from that gorgeous Royal Worcester Collection in there…:

You can find all of these and more here, but hurry hurry hurry, it’s all going very quickly and there isn’t much left!




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