Outfit: Tara, Remixed

Tara 2 2.jpg

When I first bought this dress – way back in the mists of time and back when I had what you would probably call a respectable amount of Lindy Bop dresses rather than the frankly ridiculous volume I have now – it definitely struck me as a rather Autumnal affair. Maybe it was the colours. Those dark, Autumn leafy tones of burgundy, purple, forest green and mustard yellow, are basically all I wear through the colder months, so it felt like a natural choice for me to debut it in a rather wintery ensemble, last seen here.

But I actually might have been doing it a misjustice there, because actually, there is no reason I shouldn’t wear it all year round. Those purple hues look rather lovely with some blush pink accessories, it really brightens the whole look up a little. Also – it’s floral, duh. Everyone knows florals are summery! So just to celebrate the fact that SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET DAMMIT, here it is again, reworked for the warmer weather. Yes, I know the air has a bit of a chill in it all of a sudden, and it seems to now want to rain ALL THE TIME, and there are conkers forming in the trees, but as far as I’m concerned there is still some Summer left, people. Like, at least a week anyway…. maybe….

Tara 2 1Tara 2 3Tara 2 4Tara 2 5Tara 2 6Tara 2 7

Good job I can wear this frock either way!



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3 thoughts on “Outfit: Tara, Remixed

    1. Thanks! These ones were super cheap, they don’t last too long unfortunately, but then I seem to go through skinny belts at a rate of knots anyway, so I’d rather not spend a fortune on them! Only problem is I get seduced by all the colours and end up with way more than I need!


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