August Lust Haves

Oopsie, I did it again, didn’t I? I have somehow allowed nearly a whole week to pass without posting at all! I didn’t do it intentionally, there are very good reasons why I haven’t been posting this week, all of which will become clearer in the next week or two, but either way, it further highlights what I was saying in last Monday’s post. The year is hurtling past so fast it’s making my head spin, that week that just passed by without me writing anything seems to have vanished in the blink of an eye! It feels like two minutes ago I was getting all excited about the shops being full of Spring pastels, and now everything in store windows is looking suspiciously snuggly…

Which leads me nicely onto this month’s wishlist! I’m still in major denial about Autumn coming so have been doing my best to pretend the boots and the knitwear aren’t there, but luckily there are still plenty of colourful pretties out there to drool over! Like these rather lovely Warehouse trousers, for example:

Aug Lust 1
Warehouse ‘Mae’ Printed Trousers, £42

I love how they have a really Summer blossom print, yet the khaki colour mean they’ll lend themselves rather well to the Autumn months. Well, while it’s still warm enough to wear shoes, anyway!

Moving swiftly on, because that thought is making me twitch, and this rather lovely frock from Collectif’s new collection:

Aug Lust 2
Collectif ‘Caterina Merida’ Dress, £69

Becoming the proud owner of my first Caterina dress, I’m thrilled to see she’s back in a few more prints this season. So far from the new drop it looks as though dark reds and blues will feature heavily, as well as stripes and the usual tartan and check prints, which suits me just fine and dandy. I do like that this one is a little brighter though, because why should we suddenly start muting ourselves once the sun goes away I ask you??

Next up, and these bad boys:

Embellished Slingbacks, £49.99, and Polka Dot Slingbacks, £49.99, both Zara

Ever since bagging these beauties last month I haven’t been able to stop myself heading over to Zara for a little peek at the shoe section. A few years ago, they seemed to release an iconic shoes every season which everyone would fall over themselves to buy – it’s been a while since they’ve released anything quite so popular, but they seem to be making up for it this year! There are multiple pairs I’m quite keen on right now, but these two in particular are testing my will power. I can’t help but wish the heels were a little higher, and I’ve never quite got on with slingbacks, but I think I’d let that go! FYI, I might be pretending the boots aren’t there right now, but I don’t think that will last long. Prepare yourselves for lots of wittering about Zara footwear for the next few months, methinks….

Finally, I guess I can’t hide from knitwear forever. Even I have to admit there is a certain chill in the air in the mornings lately, and there is a slight appeal to snuggling up in a slouchy, cosy sweater like this one:

H&M Pastel Slouchy Jumper, £19.99

If it was black I wouldn’t have looked twice at this. In fact I’d have quickly skipped past it and continued to pretend it isn’t the end of August! But those pretty, soft pastel shades make me feel a little better about having to layer up!

And that is pretty the only thing making me feel better about layering up, let me tell you. That and the fact I have a holiday coming up at the end of September! Which means I have a tiny bit of Summery shopping to go yet!

Stay tuned!



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