Outfit: Fickle Festival Fashion

I’ve always said I’m a fickle being, and that is never more apparent than in my style. I’ve always had a rather eclectic collection of pieces. One day I’m dressed like a 50’s debutante, the next I’m clamoring to buy every A-line mini I can get my hands on, or trying to find things that go with my new trainers. As much as I’ve always appreciated the idea of a capsule wardrobe, it’s just not me. I’m just never going to be the kind of girl who has a signature style. I’m too greedy, I bore easily and I just find shopping too darn fun. More than that though, I’ve always found clothing a key way to express myself, and as a result, more often than not my outfits say a lot about how I’m feeling.

That became more than apparent recently when I attended a weekend long jazz festival. Originally I’d planned to post these as individual outfit posts, but didn’t really take enough photos because of that whole wanting to die inside when posing in public thing. Oh, and alcohol. Because alcohol. Anyway, when editing them, I found it amusing to see the three completely different people jump out of the page at me! I mean, at first glance, you probably wouldn’t think these three girls would even be friends, never mind the same person. And yet they are all me! Let me demonstrate:

Day 1

Jazz Fest Day 1 1Jazz Fest Day 1 2Jazz Fest Day 1 3

Top, Oasis (Similar) – Jeans, Primark (Similar) – Tan Sandals, New Look (Similar)

I like to call this my ‘Oh crap, I’ve been at work all day and haven’t stopped to think about what I’m going to wear tonight!’ outfit. As you can see, when posed with this tricky situation, I did what every girl in the history of the world has ever done, and plumped for ‘jeans and a nice top.’ Jeans were a given, because it was a little gloomy that evening, and I hadn’t yet been drinking long enough to not be worried about still being outdoors late at night. The top though, had a little more thought put into it. Casting my mind back, I think I felt like the print was suitably ‘folky’ for the occasion, and that was about it! Essentially, this me was very tired and frazzled from work, but also very excited at the prospect of a weekend of fun with some of my favourite people, and I think that shows through my cautious but fun choice of clothes. All that changed the following day though….

Day 2

Jazz Fest Day 2 1Jazz Fest Day 2 2Jazz Fest Day 2 3

Mini Skirt, Oasis (Similar) – White Vest, Oasis – Trainers, New Look – Sunglasses, New Look (Similar)

Here, as you can see, I had gotten fully into the party spirit! I’m not sure I could have found a more gaudy skirt if I’d tried?? Caution had clearly been thrown out of the window by this point, because despite my attire here, it wasn’t actually all that warm this day! Evidently though, I was determined to get my legs out because it was SUMMER and I was at a FESTIVAL and I was drinking FIZZ! In a departure to my usual style, though, I must have been feeling the pressure to look ‘cool’ and blend in with all the Moseley hipsters, because usually I’d have opted for a little frock in this situation, not a mini with trainers! I am now going to christen this my ‘trying to be hip’ outfit! I’m not sure I quite nailed it, but still, I kinda like it, and I definitely look like I was enjoying myself so I can’t have felt too self conscious! All change again though for day 3…

Day 3

Jazz Fest Day 3 1Jazz Fest Day 3 2Jazz Fest Day 3 3

Maxi Dress, Next (Similar) – Tan Belt, Primark (Similar) – Sunglasses, New Look (Similar)

Ah, the festival vibe had truly taken hold here, hadn’t it? Gone is the wild party child of day 2 and in her place is a chilled, zen, mother earth type who is probably vegan (‘fraid not – the BBQ pulled pork dirty fries supplied by Piggie Smalls that weekend were too strong a lure – sorry!) and wears things made from hemp (I’ve had this dress for years, and yet this was the first time quite so many people had likened the print to cannabis leaves, which I swear is an innocent coincidence!) I don’t wear maxi dresses as much as I used to, though I’m not sure why as they are the perfect way to stay cool without having to bare your legs, so I might have to hone my collection again ready for next Summer. The main thing that jumps out to me about this outfit is that I had definitely allowed the stresses of the week to wash over me and had completely relaxed, which is always a sign of a great time!

Three very different girls, and I’ve been several more since too. I’m not sure I can ever see that changing but I’m ok with that. I like the fact I can dress up to suit my mood.

How about you, do you have a signature style or are you a fashion chameleon too?




2 thoughts on “Outfit: Fickle Festival Fashion

  1. I am so fickle too when it comes to my personal style! I’m girly then alt then nerdy. I love that though- it’s more surprising what you will be seen in next!

    I’m in love with that skirt and need it in my life!


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