Lust Haves – Things I Actually Need 2017

So, last year I wrote this post in an attempt to stop getting distracted by ALL THE PRETTY DRESSES and start focusing on closing genuine gaps in my wardrobe. And do you know what? It actually worked! Well, it didn’t stop me buying pretty dresses. I’ve gained a lot more of those since I wrote that post. Not likely to start driving out that habit any time soon I’m afraid. What I have managed though, is to track down almost all of those elusive items!


Tan wedges? Tick! Denim jacket? Tick! Red court shoes? Tick! The very same ones I posted about, in fact! I even got the boyfriend jeans, and that isn’t something I thought I’d be saying a few months ago. The only one that has evaded me so far is the white shirt, but 4 out of 5 isn’t bad, so I’m chalking the last year as a success.

Well, kind of…. See, the thing is, as quickly as I close gaps more of them seem to become apparent. It’s inevitable I suppose, but there you go. Now I’ve finally acquired those long awaited items, I’ve racked up a new list of things I suddenly desperately need. The struggle remains real, people….

A Classic White Shirt

Needed Lust Haves 1

Yeah, it’s still on the list. I don’t know quite what it is that makes this such a mythical item, but I’ve never managed to find one that is quite right. It needs to have stiff enough collars and cuffs to layer under a nice sweater, but not in a fabric that reminds me of school or my waitressing days. Does that even exist? Probably, but it most likely costs a million bucks. Either way, I’ve not managed to lay my hands on one to date. This ASOS one looks pretty good, but I’d have to take a gamble since I can’t see it in store – any tips?

Tan Court Shoes

Needed Lust Haves 2

Now, I’ve used a picture of my beloved Office On To Points here, but in truth, while I’d usually declare these shoes can do no wrong, these just aren’t right. See, as much as I love them, they are too high for me to wear to work really. The ones I currently have sit firmly in the ‘night out or occasionwear’ category, and I’m really after some I can wear on an average day. I also am quite certain, for some reason, that they need to be matte leather, and not suede or patent like pretty much every version that seems to be out there, and so they remain sadly lacking from the collection. If and when I do ever find them, I feel pretty confident I’ll wear them non stop.

Tan Over The Knee Boots

Needed Lust Haves 3

You can’t have failed to notice that the boots in this picture are not tan. They are black. You may well recognise them as my beloved Dune Stretchy boots, which are, in case you didn’t know, the most perfect boot that ever existed. Perfect but for one thing. They don’t make them in tan. A quick Google will pull up multitudes of other tan boots, and indeed I actually have multitudes of other tan boots – both smart and casual ankle boots, slouchy knee highs, chunky over the knees, I even have flat slouchy over the knees and chunky knee highs! What I really want though, is my Dune Stretchy boots in tan. Not too high in the heel, matte leather and a slim fit so they can be worn under midis – that isn’t too much to ask for is it? Dune, if you’re reading, please help a girl out!!

A Cropped Swing Coat

Needed Lust Haves 4

This is one I think I may have missed the boat on. They seemed to be everywhere a few years ago, and then coat fashions all got a bit boyish and androgynous – seriously, is it only me who feels like it’s really hard to find feminine outerwear styles outside vintage repro brands? This one from Lindy Bop is kind of what I’m after, except I think I want a bit more volume at the bottom, and being Lindy Bop, I suspect this will be more of a light jacket than a coat which won’t get me very far in British Wintertime. Essentially I want something I can wear with my high-waisted midi dresses and skirts – I bought a wonderful mac from Collectif last year which gets me through Autumn, and my Oasis coat has the right length, but looks a little bulky over anything full skirted. I think I might have to hit eBay for this one. Though I do like the idea of getting a dress thrown into the bargain…..

The Perfect Breton Top

Needed Lust Haves 5

Sorry guys, this one is a trick. You already knew that though, didn’t you? Because right now you’re thinking, ‘But Steph, don’t you already own all the bretons?’ Well, you could be forgiven for thinking that, but no, I don’t. And the fact is – this one really doesn’t exist. Everytime you think you’ve found it, you’ll spot another one that looks a teeny bit better, like this one from La Redoute, and you’ll buy that one too. You will keep repeating this until you die, fact. Trust me on this – I have vast experience in the field!

So, if I manage to find these do you reckon I’ll finally be happy with my wardrobe once and for all?

No, me neither….



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