Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin So Kate Glitter Dragonfly

So, it’s no secret that I get excited about shoes. I love shopping and fashion and frocks in general, but shoes? Shoes are my ultimate sartorial passion. It’s always been that way, and I couldn’t even tell you why, but footwear has just always had the edge for me.

Another thing that gets me excited is glitter! I just can’t help but be drawn to anything with a bit of sparkle. If it’s coated in glitter or sequins or gem stones, you can absolutely guarantee I will stop and look on it. I won’t necessarily buy it, but I will definitely stop, look and admire. Glitz, for some reason, just excites me.

So, shoes + glitter = giddy excitement. Seriously, when I first clamped my eyes on these I actually emitted a high pitched, childlike squeal:

So Kate Dragonfly
So Kate Glitter Dragonfly, Christian Louboutin, £485

It’s not just any shoe, it’s So Kate, one of, in my opinion, the most stunning, classic shoe styles ever to be created. A pair of So Kates, to me, are incredible even in dull old black or nude, so covered in glitter? Amazing!! It’s also not just any glitter – it’s rainbow coloured, irridescent glitter! I feel like I shouldn’t like them, I feel like I should think them just a little ‘too much’, because I can’t say I’m usually someone that goes in for that whole unicorn trend that is so popular right now, and these look like they should belong to that camp. On any other shoe it might look a little like something Barbie would wear, which isn’t usually a look I aspire to.

But it isn’t any other shoe.

It’s So Kate. So there!




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