Saturday Shopping – Transitional Midi Skirts @ Joy

I am not ready for Autumn guys.

Seriously. Life is going to have to drag me kicking and screaming into the next season. I simply refuse to accept that bare leg and no jacket weather is done and dusted for another year. I mean, we’ve actually had a pretty good Summer for a change this year, but was that really 3 to 4 months that just passed by? I’m not sure I believe it was. I feel cheated, truth be told. It felt like we’d only just got started dammit!

Anyway, like it or not, Autumn is here, and as much as I’d like to continue pretending it isn’t and dressing in frocks and wedges regardless, even I have to admit it is getting a little wet and chilly out there. I’m not ready to get the tights out just yet though (tights – shudder) so what’s a girl to do?

Enter the midi skirt! The midi has become an Autumn staple to me over the last couple years, in particular floaty or pleated midi skirts which look pretty and summery still, without baring too much flesh to the elements – bluish, goosebumped flesh just isn’t very attractive, is it? They also transition nicely into Winter wear as they can be paired just as easily with a pair of boots as they can a pair of sandals. As these pics demonstrate, there really isn’t a season I wouldn’t wear a midi in!

Joy seem to agree with me, because they have a veritable feast of transitional midi skirts on offer right now. My top tip is to go for dark colours and prints to make sure you have plenty of options to pair them with all year round. And don’t be afraid to go for something in a dressy fabric – they serve equally well as occasion wear with a pair of heels if you have a more conservative event to go to! Here are my favourites:

Top Row: Louche ‘Kamea’ Satin, £45Louche ‘Kamea’ Floral, £55Louche ‘Grayson’, £31.50

Second Row: Louche ‘Jama’, £24.50 – Louche ‘Kama’, £17Louche ‘Kamea’ Satin, £45

Third Row: Louche ‘Kendra’, £39 – Louche ‘Kamea’ Satin, £13.50 – Joy ‘Matilda’, £35 

Fourth Row: Joy ‘Ramia’, £28 – Joy ‘Roselyne’, £35 – Louche ‘Tenera’, £45

Hmm, a couple of these skirts could almost get me excited about Autumn wear!

I said almost – I’d obviously still rather be wearing them with sandals on a beach somewhere….!






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