Outfit: Contradicting Myself Again…

Summer Ball 4

You know how last week I wittered on and on for far too long about how me and my bestie wanted to decorate our bedroom purple and lime green? Well, the vast majority of you probably tuned out at that point, because in fairness, it wasn’t really relevant to, well, anything. If you did keep reading though, you will know I followed it by saying that these days I’m a little more cautious with my colour combinations. I always wish I was a little more daring, but sadly I’m not, even though I actually really like the effect of a good colour clash when it’s done well. I’m just a chicken, what can I say?

Well, here I’ve not only completely contradicted myself by wearing what can only be described as an out of the ordinary colour combination, but that colour combination also happens to be, um, well it’s purple and lime green, basically. I actually do feel a little dim now, looking back at that post, because at the time I wrote it this outfit had already been worn, so it isn’t like I didn’t know, I guess I only realised once I went to edit the photos! Ok, so it isn’t strictly lime green. I think the official adjective would probably be chartreuse, but it definitely follows the same vein as that clashing combo I loved so much in my teens! I think the effect is slightly classier than the glow in the dark star covered spiral I had my heart set on back then, but I’ll let you be the judge of that…!

Summer Ball 1Summer Ball 5Summer Ball 3Summer Ball 8Summer Ball 2Summer Ball 6Summer Ball 7Summer Ball 9

When I originally was putting this outfit together for a Summer Ball we had at work, I was 100% going to go for my failsafe matchy matchy accessories – in fact, I planned to wear the very same lilac On To Point courts from last weeks post. But it just so happened that these shoes arrived the morning I was packing my bag. I had a fleeting thought they might go quite well, which I tried to disregard as a bit too ‘out there’ but then when I opened my jewellery box these earrings jumped out immediately and the decision was made. Plus, I was crazy in love with both my favourite new skirt and my favourite new shoes, and just wanted to wear both…! I think I would have ended up in this outfit whether it looked good or not!

It did look good though, I feel, and as much as I know the On To Points would have looked perfectly lovely, I’m really glad I went with a slightly less ‘safe’ look. The shoes, on the other hand, are not glad, because they suffered a bit at the hands of a grimy nightclub floor – anyone got any tips on cleaning satin shoes??



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