September Lust Haves

Guys, this month’s wishlist is going to be short but sweet, because I’ve been that busy fretting about house moves and trying to wrap up work before I go away that I haven’t really stopped to look at clothes all that much. Seriously, I’m not kidding – I went into Primark today and came out with just a towel. A TOWEL!!

It’s just as well, because I struggled enough to pack a suitcase for a 10 day trip – god knows how I will transport all my giant skirts an hour across the midlands to a new home. Oh well, we’ll moved in soo, then I can buy ALL THE PRETTY THINGS! Until then, this is what I’ve been eyeing up…

September Weakness
Cheers Stripes Pleated Skirt, Chicwish, £29.95

Oh, you thought I’d already lusted after every striped midi Chicwish had to offer? Well, you were wrong. Yes, I already have 4. Yes I have one with gold stripes. Yes I have one with green stripes. But this one is green and gold. Green and gold. You see?

Speaking of things I already have….:

September Lust Have
Deep Plunge Cami, ASOS, £28

Yep – it’s the white version of that aher gorgeous black satin and lace cami I already have. I had actually temporarily forgotten about my quest to own it in every colour, but wearing it again recently reignited that burning desire. Sadly white is the option available these days but I’ll get them. I have my ways. Well, eBay has it’s ways…..!

And that is genuinely it! I know!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my crazed shopping ways as soon as this holiday is done and work on building the walk in closet is underway…! Oh the possibilities!



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