Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Sailly Boots

Ok, so maybe Autumn isn’t so bad.

Sure, it’s grey, and drizzly, and dark, and cold. But it does have it’s one saving grace. That saving grace, my friends, is these boots:

Ted Baker Sailly
‘Sailly’ Boots, Ted Baker, £140

Yes. I did just declare my hatred of all things Autumnal as null and void simply because of a pair of boots. What can I say, I’m easily swayed. But can you imagine a world where these didn’t exist? Nope. Me neither. It’s not like I could prance around in these bad boys mid Summer, paired with a retro frock now, is it? So I guess I begrudgingly – very begrudgingly – admit that there are one or two good things about the changing of the season.

Ok – maybe 6 things. But only because there are two boots in a pair and they come in 3 colours:

The green are most definitely my favorites though. How about you?



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