September Round Up

Weather wise, September has brought all I expect it to offer. Everything clouded over and went grey, the mornings got decidedly nippy and it basically rained for two weeks straight. It gets dark at 8pm now – 8pm. It’s like there isn’t even any point leaving the house anymore, seriously… Anyway, this post isn’t actually supposed to be about the weather. Because as crap as the weather has been, September itself has been pretty awesome.

I don’t have too much to update you on, because I’m writing this some way before the end of the month in preparation for my holiday, so I only have a couple of weeks to write about, and they’ve been pretty standard for me. I spent lots of quality time with my boy and the pooch, one of my favourite trips being a long stroll around the Lickey Hills, some local woodland I used to love visiting as a child. It was really lovely to get to share them with Dan and get some good old fashioned outdoor exercise – opportunities for that being pretty slim this time of year in England. I also ate a crazy amount of good food, as usual. We had a date night to my all time favourite Thai restaurant, Sabai Sabai, and an amazing night out at a fantastic tapas restaurant called El Borracho de Oro for a friend’s birthday, where I ate myself into a coma. This place does a dish called churros potatoes, which is basically what it sounds like – whipped potatoes made into churros and deep fried, served with a blue cheese sauce. So good I ate two portions….! Then after a stressful couple of weeks trying to wind down at work before our trip, Dan treated us by booking us into a local boutique hotel for dinner and a stay at one of our new favourite bars, St Paul’s House. It was so nice to have a little relaxing night away and we loved our quirky and cosy vintage style room. It even had dogs on the loo roll! Best of all though, the mini bar was stocked with free fizz! FREE! It’s like they knew me!

The most important thing to happen this month though, aside from the holiday, which I will be boring you to tears about in a couple of weeks time, was obviously the big move! We finally got the keys to the house! So almost all of our spare time outside these odd nights out have been revolving around house shopping, trips to Ikea and DFS, getting decorating inspo and getting to know my new village – like the beautiful early evening walk we took last week around Bradgate Park. It was a bit of an impromptu stroll as we’d been cooped up indoors all day and I loved seeing all the deer running free – I cannot wait to bring Bonnie back here and find out what other beautiful walkies spots we have on our doorstep now! As for the move, after an hour or two of nervously waiting in a pub car park for the keys to be handed over, all went as smoothly as can be and we’ve managed to get far more done and unpacked than I expected before holiday. I thought we’d literally just be dumping the boxes and running off to the airport! I’m very much looking forward to telling you all about it and showing you our progress, but as I write this we’ve only been here 24 hours so there isn’t much to say, except that I’m completely in love with it, and I can’t keep the smile from my face right now. I almost don’t want to go away and leave it for a whole 10 days! I keep having to pinch myself and remind myself I actually live here!

So, my September has been pretty smashing! How has yours been?




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