Moments of Weakness – September

Well, what with all the holiday planning and house moving I have remarkably been very good on the spending front this month. Though I can’t account for any holiday purchases I might accidentally come home with from Zara in the Canaries….

Anyhow, I was incredibly chuffed with my first purchase, as I loved it when I first featured it months back, but never managed to get hold of it. Booking our holiday really spurned me on because it felt like the perfect frock in which to sit sipping evening cocktails by the sea, and after some frantic last minute searching I finally managed to track it down:


Weakness September 1

It was part of Oasis’ Royal Worcester collection and I simply adore the print. I also love that it is made of a very forgiving jersey fabric, which normally I’d be worried about clinging too much, but it actually ruches nicely around the tum in a way that makes me feel super slinky! Thumbs up! You will almost definitely be seeing a holiday themed outfit post all about it soon!

On the complete opposite end of the scale then, and this:

Weakness September 2

I embraced Winter, guys. I bought a coat! A pastel blue coat mind you, but a coat nonetheless! I was really excited to stumble across this for just £15! It’s again by Oasis pretty much Brand new, I was so pleased with how pretty and soft the baby blue shade was in real life, but the jury is still out on whether or not it really suits me. I’ve written before about how straight cut styles aren’t really my thing and I prefer a defined waist, but I just couldn’t resist it. I’m hoping it’s all in my head!

And that’s it! Well, technically not true. I did decide to have a gamble on buying some bits from one of those cheap clothing sites you always see advertised on Facebook. The results were just too comedic not to devote a whole post to – so you will be hearing all about that when I’m back off my hols, when I’m sure to also be sharing some Spanish purhaces!

Happy shopping, friends!



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