Reasons to be Cheerful – Things I Love About Holidays


Since I’m writing this so far in advance it seemed daft to try and write about something that’s making me happy right now, because who knows how I’ll be feeling once this actually goes live? I mean, the zombie apocalypse could have broken out by then, and I’ll look pretty silly talking about how happy I am about my new house if it’s been destroyed by a hoard of flesh eating walkers, won’t I? I’m really, really hoping this doesn’t actually happen now, I really hope I haven’t jinxed myself….!

Anyway, I thought I’d stick instead to something that, regardless of what happens in the next week or so, I’m pretty confident I’ll be feeling happy about, and that’s my holiday! There is just nothing like the feeling of getting away from it all, is there? My ex really wasn’t into foreign holidays, he would much prefer a trip to Cornwall or Wales than a stint in warmer climes. Sometimes I felt a little jealous of that, that he could feel so content enough with life to never want to escape it. But then other times I felt sorry for him, because he would never get to experience these…..:

The warm air hitting your face as you step off the plane

How awesome is that feeling? The feeling that you’ve arrived and your life is your own for at least the next week, when you have no responsibilities or places to be and can just be completely self indulgent and lie by a pool all week? There are few things in life more exciting to me than that first rush of warm air, it literally gives me butterflies!

Feeling happy in your own skin

What is it about a holiday that suddenly makes you feel like a goddess? You spend weeks, if not months, worrying about how you look in the run up. Is my belly too big? Should I get a spray tan? Will my hair frizz, maybe I should get it cut? Then once you’re a day or two in you just couldn’t give a damn. The make up bag gets forgotten, your hair is scraped back every day and still you feel at your most beautiful. If those in the know in the beauty industry could find a way to bottle that feeling, they could change the world!

Drinking cocktails at 11am

Ok, that makes me sound like an alcoholic! It’s not so much the drinking alcohol early in the day that excites me, it’s the sense of being completely frivolous and carefree. What is to stop you drinking a cocktail at 11am? Or having dessert for a change? Or buying that dress that you normally wouldn’t simply because you have spending money left over? It’s just so much easier to say yes to things on holiday, and sometimes those yeses lead to amazing experiences you just wouldn’t have had at home.

Being far, far away

A holiday in the UK isn’t the same to me. I just can’t switch off in the same way I can abroad. I would normally feel obliged to check my work emails, and will still be aware I’m contactable. Somehow being in another country altogether makes it feel legitimised to go off grid. It’s daft really, because a holiday should be a holiday regardless of where you go, but I love that feeling of being able to control who I am in contact with, and if I want to just sit in silence and listen to the lapping waves as the sun goes down, I can do so without being disturbed!

Bliss. It feels so strange to know that by the time you read this I will already be there! I absolutely cannot wait!!

What is your favourite thing about a holiday?



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