Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Cornela Velvet Midi Dress

Hey, has anyone ever noticed that I like shopping??

Yep, I love it, but it isn’t just the act of acquiring new pretty things I’m addicted to, it’s the whole experience I enjoy. I love that you can score a great bargain online, but it will never replace a proper shopping trip for me, when I can see the garments in real life. I love the satisfaction of seeing them neatly hung and colour co-ordinated. I love picking them up and admiring the weight and the drape of them, and studying the intricate details you don’t always see in photographs, like decorative stitching or clever tailoring. And most of all I love to touch them, to see how the fabric would feel against my skin. I’m a very tactile person, and the touch and feel of a garment is just as important to me as how it looks.

With this in mind, I’m super happy to see that velvet is been enjoying a bit of a comeback this Winter! I know some see it as a bit of an old fashioned fabric that should be saved for upholstery, but I’ve always found myself drawn to this softest of soft materials. I love the way it almost seems to be alive, changing shades as you move or even as you brush it in different directions, and how it appears almost luminescent under the light. It’s always struck me as very luxurious and classy – and who doesn’t want to wear clothes that are strokable really?? Well, I guess that depends who is trying to stroke you, but you get I mean….

Anyway, as if to perfectly demonstrate my point, just look at this beauty, ‘Cornela’ by Ted Baker:

Cornela 1
‘Cornela’ Midi Dress, £229, Ted Baker

I’m just in awe of this dress. Despite the fact that velvet can be quite heavy, it still looks light and delicate, and that midnight blue hue is just stunning – it literally glows! I’ve also found these:

Torabel 1
‘Torabel’ Sandals, £130, Ted Baker 

I’m not normally one to go in for entirely monochromatic outfits, but I just don’t think I could resist pairing these together!

You want to touch them, don’t you? Go on, admit it!



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