Saturday Shopping – Luxe Footwear @ Boden

I have to admit that I don’t actually own a lot of Boden. It isn’t that I don’t like the Brand – quite the opposite. I’ve been a massive fan of them for some time now, thanks to their amazing skill with jersey and their ability to consistently come up with new yet completely classic dresses. Yet there is a distinct lack of them in my wardrobe, and I think it comes down to this – I think of them as really ‘grown up’, and I don’t see myself as an adult in the slightest! I think of them  as the clothes the version of me I wish I was would wear!

Their latest footwear collection is no exception. You will see no skyscraper heels or vertiginous platforms when you look at their shoes, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. They have always had a knack for producing pretty but practical shoes, but this Winter they’ve really stepped it up a notch! The classic shapes are all still there, but this time there is a heavy abundance of luxurious, glamourous uppers. There is plenty of jewel toned velvet, sequins, gold detailing and plenty of embellishment – basically all my favourite things in a party shoe! Here are some of my favourites:

Top Row: Adelaide, £98Carrie, £98Catherine, £110

Second Row: Federica, £90Rosalie, £120 – Federica, £120

Third Row: Jennifer, £120 – Federica, £90 – Sabrina, £130

Bottom Row: Rosalie, £120 – Sabrina, £130 – Jennifer, £120

Grown up they might be, but I think I can force myself to pretend to be an adult if it means I get to wear some of these!

Which are your favourites?



2 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Luxe Footwear @ Boden

    1. I only have one pair at the moment, the black Florence flats, and I do love them. I want SO MANY of this latest drop though! I feel a new obsession coming on! X


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