Outfit: The Naked Trousers

Naked Trousers 1

Normally when I share outfit photos with you it’s because I think they’re worth sharing. This one was no different. I put this outfit together not long after this one, when I was desperately trying to cling onto Summer and get some more wear out of my pastels before fashion descends into 3 months of black and grey. Pale pink, white and aqua had worked pretty well the last time, so I stuck with that colour combo and was feeling pretty happy with the results. Until later that day. That’s the thing about fashion though, you see. Sometimes what you see in the mirror is completely different to what others see – you can be walking around with one very clear perception of how you look in your head, only for someone to make a throwaway comment to the contrary, and once they’ve pointed the flaw out, you just can’t unsee it!

It started very early on in the day. As I sauntered over to the coffee machine at work feeling pretty smug with myself for managing to avoid Autumnal colours for another day, one of the guys in IT did a double take at me. ‘He’s in awe of what an amazing outfit I’ve put together, obvs,’ I think to myself. But no.

‘Blimey Steph, for a minute then, I thought you weren’t wearing any trousers!!’

Oh. Illusions instantly shattered. I’ve come to work looking like I forgot to dress my bottom half. Fan-bloody-tastic. Not really the kind of thing you want to realise at 9am when you have a whole day full of meetings to get through. It felt a little bit like one of those dreams where you turn up an exam and suddenly realise you’re completely naked! I did my best to tell myself he didn’t know what he was talking about, but the fact was, I knew as soon as he said it that he was absolutely right. I guess I’d never noticed the pink undertones in my skin before! I’d always just thought of myself as ghostly white! I really did look like I wasn’t wearing any trousers! Balls. I couldn’t go home to change though, so I was just going to have to ride it out with fake confidence.

So lets not focus on my embarrassing fashion faux pas, everyone did enough of that on the day itself. Lets focus instead on this absolutely adorable scarf my sister bought me for Christmas last year. It doesn’t just have dogs on – which is normally enough to excite me anyway – it has Beagles on it! I have a scarf with Beagles on it! All is right with the world again, just don’t think about the trousers… I also completely accidentally managed to accessorise to match the decor in our room that night, which is a skill in itself, so I’m taking that as a win… Silver linings and all of that!

Naked Trousers 2Naked Trousers 7Naked Trousers 5Naked Trousers 3Naked Trousers 8Naked Trousers 6Naked Trousers 4Naked Trousers 9Naked Trousers 10

Know anyone that is looking for a pair of size 10 pastel pink jeggings??



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13 thoughts on “Outfit: The Naked Trousers

  1. I’ve almost done this more times than I can count. Luckily I’ve never gotten quite as far as actually *buying* the trousers, but so many times now I’ve got to the checkout with a pair of pale pink trousers/jeans in my basket, only to realise at the last second that I would *totally* look naked in them! If it’s any consolation, you don’t look naked in the photos, and they ARE really nice jeans, though!


    1. Aw thanks! Looking back at the pictures does make me feel a bit better as I think I felt more naked than I looked. Though even as I was editing them my boyfriend glanced over my shoulder and asked if I was wearing any trousers in them! 😂


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