Fantasy Friday – KG by Kurt Geiger Bow Embellished Court Shoes

Now this is my kind of shoe.

Ok, admittedly most shoes are my kind of shoes, but particularly vintage inspired, gem encrusted, bow embellished beauties like these!


KG Bow Embellished Courts, £140, ASOS

It isn’t often I feature Kurt Geiger on Fantasy Friday, not because they aren’t worthy – they are actually one of my favourite shoe Brands and probably the original reason my shoe collection grew so rapidly over the last decade – but they aren’t usually as eye-wateringly expensive as the shoes I more frequently feature here, like Monsieur Louboutin and co. I have a rather embarrassingly large volume of Kurt Geigers as it happens, as well as their other labels Miss KG and Carvela, because while they sit at the higher end of the High Street price scale, they are actually what I’d class as very affordable for such gorgeous footwear. At £140 though, these are a tad more than I can really justify spending on what can only be described as occasion shoes right now, so sadly – very sadly – these are here on Fantasy Friday instead of my monthly wishlist.

I’m sure I don’t really need to explain what appeals to me about these. I’ve always been a sucker for a big floppy bow on the front of a classic court shoe, but this one is particularly spectacular isn’t it? What I first assumed was crystal or diamante is actually an intricately beaded affair featuring tiny pearls. It reminds me very much of all the dazzling brooches my Nana used to collect, and while the pointy toed stiletto court is quite a modern style, this gives them a real vintage feel. I also love that midnight blue brocade upper, which again gives it a slight edge over the other the shoes of it’s type that are around at the moment. You would think that popping such a glitzy embellishment on top of an already fancy fabric might be a bit much, but I think it works quite nicely, thank you very much!

Now, while I will not be buying these, I suppose I should let you in on a little secret – if you happen to be a very, very lucky bugger with size 7 feet you can actually bag yourself a pair of these for half price at just £70 over at Zalando, if you hurry….!

I will hate you forever of course, but why would you care about that when you have shoes like these??




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