Outfit: The Holiday Uniform

Hol Uniform 1

Why is everything just better when you’re on holiday? The weather is better, your hair is better, your skin is better, the food is better – even the photo backdrops are better!

This is basically a really boring outfit. A vest and shorts. It’s just the holiday version of a vest and jeans, which I wouldn’t even bother to photograph in England. But here I am, posting them anyway, because the sun was shining and the flowers were pretty and I JUST WANT TO RE-LIVE MY HOLIDAY DAMMIT!! Is that so wrong? Probably, but I’m gonna do it anyway, sorry ’bout that…

This isn’t the kind of thing I would have worn on holiday in my youth, yet a variation of this is pretty much all I wore during the day this time around. Back then, when I was all lithe and tanned and all of 19 I’d have been swanning around in far shorter shorts than this. And on the top half? Hell, probably just my bikini. Even at my most modest I’d have had at least a flash of belly on show. These days though, I’m more than a little self conscious of my tummy, so this little floral swing vest that I picked up in Primark is the perfect holiday cover-up for me. I’m very partial to a pretty cami top – I have a rather extensive collection, in fact – but it doesn’t half annoy me how few of them have enough width at the hem! I want them to be floaty and effortless looking, yet more often than not they end up clinging awkwardly at the hips. This one though, is just perfect, despite the fact I thought it might be a little too frilly when I first bought it.

Hol Uniform 5Hol Uniform 4Hol Uniform 2Hol Uniform 6Hol Uniform 7Hol Uniform 3Hol Uniform 8

Ugh. What I’d do to be wearing a boring old vest and shorts again, if it meant I was back on holiday. Looking at these photos is giving me serious post holiday blues. Still, I’ve done a pretty good job of not moaning about it so far, right? It was only a matter of time really! And on that note, before I descend into despair, I’ll leave you to get on with your day!



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